19 Nursing Dissertation Topics in Critical Care for Student Researchers

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Critical Care Nursing is the most in-demand field of nursing. For secure career, I highly recommend students to specialize in the critical care nursing. To attain a nursing degree, every student is required to submit a dissertation on recent nursing dissertation topics in critical care available. Yet I totally understand when students, with limited resources, face issues in finding research... Continue reading →

10000 word dissertation breakdown for those new to dissertation writing

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Dissertation writing is no simple feat. It’s a lengthy process that usually lasts for months and novice students have a lot of trouble adjusting to its many needs, some of which are unexpected. In that manner, to understand how to structure a dissertation becomes one of the most important questions. If you know, let’s say, a 10000 word dissertation breakdown into its chapters, you’ve got... Continue reading →

19 Exclusive Psychiatric Nursing Dissertation Topics for You

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When Adam wrote his post on mental health nursing dissertation topics earlier this month, we had a short discussion about it and I ended up promising my two cents. I went to work preparing for this post, for obviously I had to make something even better than Adam for you. Et voila! I give to you 10 of the most exclusive and interesting psychiatric nursing dissertation topics that you won’t find... Continue reading →

19 Exceptional Palliative Care Dissertation Topics for Nursing Students

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End-of-life care is known with a few other names, too, most commonly used among which are hospice care and palliative care. This specialised care is recognised in medicine in developed countries and treated as such in the profession of nursing as well. End of life care nursing is pretty well-known in the UK, for example. We know what that means: formal education and training. So, in this part of... Continue reading →

21 Unique Child Health Nursing Dissertation Topics You can Use Today

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Child health nursing, or paediatric nursing, is a subject of great interest for continued research. The field is vast and still requires much headway in the knowledge we have. This is another reason why I get so many requests from nursing students asking for child health nursing dissertation topics all the time, and this is why I’ve made this significantly long list of a variety of nursing... Continue reading →

23 Fresh Dementia and Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

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Here we go again. Another list of dissertation topics. This time it’s mental health dissertation topics. The last time, it was a list of master level nursing research titles. After delving into mental health nursing literature for hours upon hours, I’ve created this list for students of all levels in higher education but most of these working titles will suit undergrad and master level... Continue reading →

20 Ultimate MBA Marketing Dissertation Topics for Keen Students

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I get at least one email every day where somebody I know wants a list of topics for dissertations in marketing. Now, they have expectations and I like to keep my friends happy. So, I usually respond with a couple of good marketing research title examples. Here’s the fun bit. Most of them respond with one question: Will these examples make good MBA marketing dissertation topics? This... Continue reading →

21 Workable Advertising Dissertation Topics for Your Inspiration

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Advertising dissertations are a tough subject - not because they take any more time or effort to finish in comparison with any other kind of dissertation reports, but because everybody has an opinion about advertising. So much is said about advertising everyday by so many people that it’s hard to arrive at the task of working out potential advertising dissertation topics without extraordinary... Continue reading →