21 Dissertation Topics on Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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A lot of dissertation topics on logistics and supply chain management are already being undertaken on a regular basis. New project topics on logistics and supply chain management must hence relate to the most up-to-date and relevant issues in the discipline. Towards this end, most current logistics and supply chain management dissertation topics deal with interconnected disciplines. The following... Continue reading →

21 Research Topics in Procurement and Supply Chain Management

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Research topics in procurement management are normally based on interconnected topics. Hence, research topics in procurement and supply chain management offer great scope and variety to students aiming to write up a paper in the discipline. The following are a few suggested project topics in procurement and logistics management- please also do refer to Logistics Management and Supply Chain... Continue reading →

23 Compelling Waste Management Dissertation Topics To Choose From

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Waste management dissertation topics generally focus on the generation and efficient management of waste in the society. Hence, project topics on waste management generally include both commercial and residential waste management and disposal. This page is aimed at introducing you to a diverse range of waste management topics to give you viable options and help you get started on your attempt at... Continue reading →

17 Oil and Gas Management Dissertation Topics Worth Discussing

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Oil and gas management dissertation topics have been gaining prominence in academic literature over the past few decades, mainly as a result of accredited academic courses and professional research efforts in the sector. Dissertation topics in oil and gas management typically focus on management issues, environmental concerns, processes and protocols in the industry as well as maintenance of... Continue reading →

23 Dissertation Topics in Hospitality Management Worth your Attention

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Dissertation topics in hospitality management address a wide range of hospitality events. Research topics for hospitality management students can range from events to conferences, a part of the conventional hotel and tourism industry alone. Project topics in hospitality management offer diverse scope for research to students planning to write their paper. Dissertation topics for hospitality... Continue reading →

23 Research Topics in Retail Management for Your Dissertation

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Research topics in retail management are gaining prominence as competition increases. The following list of retail management research topics will enable the potential researcher to undertake structured papers within this discipline. Topics relate to what has already been accomplished within the domain of retail management, especially within the context of logistics and supply chain management,... Continue reading →

23 Information Systems Management Dissertation Topics for Research

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Information systems management is a highly evolving discipline. It involves a detailed causal investigation of technology within the social sphere. Information systems management dissertation topics investigate avenues for the betterment of the end user's life based on technological advancement. MBA based project topics on management information systems also explore evolving phenomena and... Continue reading →

23 Marketing Management Dissertation Topics to Impress Your Supervisor

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Marketing management dissertation topics are relevant within the context of evaluating whether students have understood the core concepts of marketing management. However, changes in the past few decades have begun to transform the disciple of marketing management and new marketing management project topics test learners' aptitudes for keeping pace with new and relevant techniques in addition to... Continue reading →

27 Supply Chain Management Dissertation Topics to Write in MBA

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MBA supply chain management dissertation topics usually track the supply chain for academic dissection. Research topics on supply chain management further deal with the processes undertaken to add value to the supply chain as well as impacts and relevancy with other aspects of the complete management plan. The following is a substantial list of thesis topics on supply chain management to help you... Continue reading →

23 Occupational Health and Safety Dissertation Topics for Health Concerns

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For undergraduate students searching for occupational health and safety dissertation topics, I always suggest selecting latest health concerns. This is for several reasons: Technology changes on daily basis and so are the concerns related to it. This way, your dissertation literature review will be richer. The funding options will be easier as agencies chose hot trends in research as... Continue reading →