11 Superb Business Dissertation Topics to Get You Going

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Business studies makes a highly concentrated field of study, both in terms of the number of students taking it up and the course material being taught. On the up side, it gives students a variety of research areas to pursue when they are expected to come up with interesting business dissertation topics. This blog post will help you in picking out your title from a number of research areas in... Continue reading →

A List of 10 Great Law Dissertation Topics

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Here I am with another list of dissertation topics for you, and this time we’re focused on giving away some great law dissertation topics. I’ll tell you a thing or two about picking out a law dissertation title as well. So, buckle up, my lawyers-to-be friends. Remember that you should go through scholarly literature of law and decide what your areas of interest are. Then pick your topics... Continue reading →

4 Things to Remember about Literature Review Structure

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Literature review is a crucial part of your dissertation. Regardless of what kind of dissertation you’re writing, having a neatly structured literature review chapter is a must. Why? Well, because you simply can’t conduct a research study without a research question, and you can’t find a good research question without consulting scholarly literature. Now, what you learn from this review... Continue reading →

5 Great Tips on How to Write a Literature Review

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The first time I received a lecture on writing a dissertation was as soon as college opened for our third year. Disregarding the fact that it was too early for our professor to scare us all with the many-headed monster people call Dissertation, I now think his tip for us to focus on how to write a literature review foremost was the best advice I received in his class that term. Literature is... Continue reading →

23 Dissertation Topics in Human Resource Management to Consider

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When an undergraduate HR student is assigned the task of extracting their first title out of scholarly literature, they come across a tonne of potential dissertation topics. Or none. HR dissertation topics have a way of confusing undergrads, in the sense that the often unclear terminologies of human resource management literature can be quite ambiguous. You read an article about rewards. Then you... Continue reading →

10 Great Undergraduate Psychology Dissertation Ideas

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Writing a psychology dissertation can be an incredibly fun experience if you choose the right research problem and title. Okay. Maybe not incredibly fun (that’s usually not true for writing a dissertation in any field, I suppose, but, with the right kind of title, you can certainly make it enjoyable). The right thing to do is to make a short list of two to three psychology dissertation ideas so... Continue reading →

4 Reasons You Only Need Google Scholar for Your Literature Review

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Being a research consultant, I get a lot of questions from students of all degree levels about how they can find relevant literature on the Internet and what kind of databases they should pursue. They will come to me and throw every name of a database they ever heard to sound smart perhaps. It gets stranger when I ask them to calm down and tell them all they need to learn is how to use Google... Continue reading →

21 Nursing Dissertation Topics for Nursing Dissertation

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Pursuing nursing degree, in major fields of research, requires a number of important considerations when it comes to the dreaded course of your dissertation. Among those is the treacherous task of picking your nursing dissertation topic. A lot of examples of dissertation topics in nursing you see on the Internet are either already used or not of great quality. To show you the quality of our... Continue reading →

5 Ways to Guarantee a Fail Grade for Your Undergraduate Dissertation

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That’s right. There are ways to guarantee a fail grade for your dissertation. As much as blogs talk about ways to succeed with your submissions, there isn’t enough focus on things you could do wrong. Of course, it gets tougher to handle with an undergraduate dissertation because, well, it’s your first attempt at writing something of this length and complexity. So, here are the five things... Continue reading →

23 Marketing Dissertation Topics for Undergraduate and MBA Students

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Picking the right topic among the current marketing dissertation topics available is the first, and could be the most time consuming, the exercise of the marketing dissertation course. Not only are there considerations of your supervisor’s approval involved but also the matter of finding something that is easy rather than tough to carry on with. Your marketing dissertation will be expected... Continue reading →