Dissertation Amendment Help is the Natural Next Step to Our Marking Service for Your Drafts!

Where we mark your work before submission according to the marking criteria of your university in our marking service, the amendment help service we offer is the natural next step in the process.

This service is ideal for students who have just received discouraging remarks from their supervisor and have been asked to resubmit. If…

…Your supervisor and/or committee have gutted your draft with red comments all over,

You’re not sure how to fix the draft, seeing all your hard work bleeding red on the paper,

Or you simply do not have time to spare to take care of the job yourself…

…You need our amendment help service.

How Can I Get This Amendment Help?

It’s a piece of cake! All you need to do is send us over the draft you want us to amend for you along with the feedback you received from your assessors. We will go through the two and email back a custom quote to you. Once you’ve made an online payment using our highly secure payment service provider, your amended work will be emailed back to you within the specified deadline.

Go right ahead and avail this great service for the drafts you’ve already given so much time and effort.

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