Are You Trying to Convince Yourself You Don’t Need a Professional Dissertation Editing and Proofreading Service because…:

…well, why should you give your money to somebody for putting commas in your sentences?

…you think grammar check in MS Word must be enough to fix your paragraphs and language errors.

…you believe, since you wrote your dissertation yourself, you can easily take care of its editing needs yourself.

…the university handbook didn’t make editing or proofreading for the thesis seem very important.

Right? A lot of students fall prey to these thoughts and do not take editing seriously enough. This, of course, results in repeated rejections from their supervisor and university with lots of disgruntled comments in red ink, which might take these students to the brink of missing their submissions in time.

What is Professional Dissertation Editing Help All about?

That is a very good question. Professional editing is all about expertly removing any mistakes of type, claim, and format when it comes to dissertations or any other assignment reports you are given. In simpler words, any good dissertation editor you hire should:

Double check your references (both thought and citation) with the works you have cited.

Make your draft follow the formatting guidelines provided in your handbook.

Clean your draft of errors of grammar

Fix your typos

Return the files ready-to-print for submission

We have a committed team of expert dissertation editors who do this and more for our customers. Once you contact us to acquire services of a thesis editor, we assign an ideal team member to you who will discuss your needs with you via email before you are asked to pay a penny for any thesis editing or proofreading help you may need.

Academic Editing Services Vs Academic Proofreading Services

Some editing services deliberately confuse their customers into thinking editing and proofreading may be two names for the same service, which is misleading of them. This confusion helps these services in asking their newer customers the same price for academic proofreading as they would charge their older customers for academic editing.

We make sure our customers are making informed decisions about buying the services we offer. We tell them what our dissertation proofreading services are limited to and why we charge more for dissertation editing services, on the other hand.

To understand this difference better, why don’t you download our free samples for each of the services? That would also show you what our editing and proofreading services look like.

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