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Are you a student looking for interesting dissertation topics in Behavioural Economics? Whether you are an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral student, selecting the right topic is a critical decision that sets the tone for your dissertation journey. This blog post aims to assist you in making this crucial choice. Behavioural economics is an exciting area, […]

Are you a student looking for interesting dissertation topics in Behavioural Economics? Whether you are an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral student, selecting the right topic is a critical decision that sets the tone for your dissertation journey. This blog post aims to assist you in making this crucial choice.

Behavioural economics is an exciting area, and we will explore many fascinating ideas that will capture your interest and establish you as a reputable expert in this dynamic discipline. Whether you are intrigued by the peculiarities of human psychology in financial decision-making or interested in how behavioural biases affect market dynamics, our objective is to guide you towards the ideal dissertation topic.

The following list is a compilation of the most relevant dissertation topics for behavioural economics:

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A list of behavioural economics dissertation topics:

Behavioural economics and taxation: Strategies for increasing compliance.

Behavioural biases in financial decision-making: A comparative analysis of investors in emerging vs. developed markets.

Examining social norms and environmental behaviour in the UK: A review.

Case study: The influence of behavioural biases on mortgage default rates in the US.

The effectiveness of behavioural interventions in reducing substance abuse in the UK.

Behavioural economics approaches to enhancing workplace productivity in the UK.

The role of anchoring and adjustment in real estate pricing: An empirical investigation.

Behavioural insights into workplace productivity: Strategies for employee engagement.

Compensation of caregivers for optimal care quality- an analysis through the behavioural economics lens.

The impact of loss aversion on investment choices: A cross-cultural study.

Behavioural economics and UK monetary policy: A critical review.

A comparative study of behavioural biases in real estate investments: UK vs US markets.

Behavioural factors in educational decision-making: College choice and significant selection.

Nudging for healthy eating: The efficacy of menu labelling in restaurants.

Behavioural factors in charitable giving: A case study of the UK and Germany.

A comparative study of anchoring effects in negotiation strategies: corporate vs. small business contexts.

How can we apply behavioural economics theory to protect our environment? A study.

The role of fairness and equity in economic exchanges: A game theory approach.

Analyzing behavioural factors in consumer subscription models: A subscription economy study.

The behavioural economics of online privacy decisions: User preferences and data protection.

A comparative analysis of Prospect and Expected Utility Theory in predicting investment behaviour.

The effects of overconfidence in trading: Implications for financial markets.

Behavioural biases in environmental decision-making: Implications for conservation.

The role of social identity in consumer purchasing behaviour: A cross-cultural investigation.

The role of anchoring in real estate pricing: Evidence from residential property markets.

A comparative analysis of anchoring effects in negotiation strategies: corporate vs. small business contexts.

The impact of emotion on economic choices: A neuroeconomic approach.

Behavioural economics and retirement income decisions: An assessment of annuity choices.

Case study: The influence of anchoring in property valuation in the US real estate market.

How has behavioural economics influenced real-world contexts? A survey of UK’s online electronic purchase behaviours.

Insights from behavioural economics as indicators of pharmaceutical representatives performance- implications for patients.

Marketing through a behavioural economists approach- a systematic review.

Analyzing the influence of confirmation bias in investment decisions.

Behavioural factors in mortgage default rates: A comparative study.

Behavioral economics of retirement age decisions: Factors influencing timing.

The role of anchoring and framing in negotiation strategies: A real-world examination.

Behavioural economics and tax compliance behaviour: A comparative analysis of European countries.

Weight management through behavioural economics- an analysis of

Behavioural economics approaches workplace productivity: A case study of tech start-ups.

Analyzing Prospect Theory in real estate investments: The role of loss aversion.

Behavioural biases in decision-making under uncertainty: A Prospect Theory analysis.

The impact of behavioural economics interventions on retirement savings among millennials.

Behavioural biases in investment diversification: Portfolio risk management.

Understanding consumer debt accumulation in the UK: A behavioural perspective.

Nudging for energy conservation: An evaluation of incentive programs.

Behavioural insights into stock market volatility: Investor behaviour during economic crises.

Evaluating the effectiveness of behavioural interventions in financial literacy education: A longitudinal study.

Investigating the effects of time discounting on long-term savings behaviour.

The psychological behaviour of public institutions- economics or politics?

The influence of social identity on economic behaviour: Implications for marketing strategies.

Examining the efficacy of behavioural economics interventions in UK environmental conservation.

Comparative analysis of nudging strategies for healthy eating in the UK and Japan.

The economics behind the behaviour of rival sports team fans- an investigation.

The behavioural economics of public transportation usage in the UK.

Case study: Behavioral economics approaches to tackle food waste in the restaurant industry.

Behavioural factors in credit card debt management: Implications for personal finance.

Behavioural economics interventions in UK environmental conservation: An assessment.

Analyzing the role of anchoring in real estate pricing: Evidence from the UK market.

Case study: Nudging for sustainable transportation choices in a metropolitan area.

The decision-making spectrum of obese individuals and implications for improvement through application of behavioural economics- an exploration.

Behavioural insights into public transportation usage: A comparative analysis of London and New York City.

Analyzing prospect theory in online shopping behaviour: A comparative study of the UK and China.

Investigating the impact of loss aversion on pricing strategies: A business perspective.

Investigating social identity and its impact on financial decision-making in the UK.

The influence of social norms on charitable giving: An experimental study.

Behavioural factors in college student debt accumulation: Implications for financial literacy.

Big data and implications for behavioural economics- a discussion.

Examining behavioural economics as a subject- how is it taught and how is it applied?

The impact of nudging strategies on UK tax compliance behaviour.

Addressing lifestyle management for Diabetes through behavioural analysis- insights from the UK’s healthcare sector.

Behavioural economics- perspectives and challenges for the next generation.

Behavioural biases in UK financial regulation: Assessing regulatory measures.

A case study of behavioural economics interventions to improve student loan repayment rates.

Public policy formulation- studying feasibility through the behavioural economics approach.

Behavioural economics interventions in reducing college student debt in the US: A case study.

Behavioral insights into the UK National Health Service (NHS): A critical review.

Analyzing the effect of social proof on investment decisions: Evidence from stock markets.

Case study: Nudging for energy conservation in residential buildings.

Prospect Theory and decision-making under risk: An analysis of investor behaviour.

Behavioural factors in health insurance choices: A comparative analysis.

Behavioral economics interventions in reducing substance abuse among college students: A case study.

Analyzing the effects of present bias on financial decision-making: A longitudinal study.

Behavioral economics of UK stock market investment: A critical examination.

Behavioural biases in consumer debt accumulation: A study of credit card debt.

Behavioural insights into technology adoption: Factors affecting user acceptance.

Nudging for water conservation: Behavioral strategies for sustainable usage.

Behavioural biases in healthcare decision-making: A comparative analysis of the UK and Australia.

Behavioural economics and charitable donation behaviour: Influences and motivations.

Substance abuse management- implications from behavioural economics.

Comparative analysis of behavioral factors in charitable giving: Millennials vs. baby boomers.

Nudging for retirement savings: The impact of default options in employer-sponsored plans.

What motivates consumers? A behavioural economics perspective.

Nudging for sustainable transportation choices: A case study of urban commuters.

Behavioural biases in online shopping cart abandonment: Causes and solutions.

Applying behavioural economics theory to actual problem areas bridges the gap between theory and practicality.

Using insights from behavioural economics to help with substance abuse?

Analyzing prospect theory in consumer choices: A comparative study of France and Spain.

Nudging for sustainable energy consumption: A case study of residential households.

How can UK entrepreneurs use behavioural economics from a theoretical perspective for financial gain?

How has the UK stock market benefitted from behavioural economics theory? A study.

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