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If you are a student searching for captivating dissertation topics in the field of logistics and supply chain management, you have landed on the right platform. With our extensive range of topics in logistics and SCM for research, we aim to provide you with valuable research ideas that can enhance your understanding and contribute to […]

If you are a student searching for captivating dissertation topics in the field of logistics and supply chain management, you have landed on the right platform. With our extensive range of topics in logistics and SCM for research, we aim to provide you with valuable research ideas that can enhance your understanding and contribute to the field.

A lot of dissertation topics on logistics and supply chain management are already being undertaken on a regular basis. New project topics on logistics and supply chain management must hence relate to the most up-to-date and relevant issues in the discipline. Towards this end, most current dissertation topics in logistics and supply chain management deal with interconnected disciplines.

Whether you are pursuing an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree, our list covers a diverse range of subjects within logistics and supply chain management, allowing you to explore various areas of interest and make a significant scholarly contribution. Take a look at our comprehensive list of topics and embark on your journey to write a remarkable dissertation in logistics and SCM.

You can find the separate posts on procurement management and supply chain management to search for more ideas.

List of logistics and Supply Chain Management dissertation topics:

A comparative review of the degree of sustainable logistics management practices between emerging countries and their differences.

Exploring the adoption and benefits of digital supply chain technologies: a case study of a global manufacturing company

Studying the emerging concept of uberisation of logistics and how it can impact local transport channels in the UK.

Why do businesses prefer the blending of technology and service provision to manage logistics processes?

To investigate the role of software solutions and outsourced logistics service providers in the UK.

The growing importance of app-based instant freight services and its impact on logistics in the UK.

Reverse logistics and sustainable practices in managing post-covid returns and disposal

Sustainable supply chain practices in the post-pandemic era: challenges and opportunities

Evaluating the performance of global sourcing strategies: a comparative analysis of single vs. Multiple sourcing

How have retailers taken advantage of digital freight matching? An exploration of the UK retail sector.

The impact of advancement in air transport solutions and its impact on global economic efficiency

Digital transformation in logistics and supply chain management post-covid-19

An overview of inherent risks in logistics management and the strategies to minimize them.

The emerging trend of automated transportation in the field of logistics and supply chain management- an investigation in the healthcare service sector

Reviewing the Role of social responsibility in Procurement and supply chain management

To what extent do businesses support the purpose-designed automated warehouses for frozen products in the shipping industry?

Reviewing the role of technology and digitalization in procurement and supply chain management

Analyzing the impact of the seven principles of supply chain management on the process and logistics activities in the UK construction sector

The environmental impact of transport solution on the chain of responsibility- assessing the protein chain in the UK.

Supplier relationship management and collaborative partnerships in the new normal

How are food requirements forecasted in busy multicultural restaurants in peak tourist seasons? Primary research from the UK.

Demand forecasting and inventory management strategies in a post-covid supply chain

Investigating the effectiveness of collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment (cover) in a retail supply chain: a case study

Analyzing the effects of demand forecasting methods on supply chain planning and inventory management: a case study

Comparative analysis of supply chain risk management practices in different geographic regions

A comparative review of sustainable logistics management practices between developed and emerging countries.

Comparative study of sustainability practices in supply chains: conventional vs. Green supply chain approaches

Analysis of green supply chain practices and environmental performance in the logistics industry

A case study of reverse logistics practices in the e-commerce industry

Do the system-guided manual processes of supply chain management influence warehouse efficiencies? An investigation

Comparative analysis of supply chain resilience strategies: reactive vs. Proactive approaches

The impact of just-in-time (jit) inventory management on supply chain efficiency: an empirical study

A literature review on crowd-sourced freight services and their role in logistics.

Inventory management- an exploration of methodologies implemented in three different industry sectors in the UK. (Related topic fields: asset management and financial accounting)

Analyzing how the concept of CSR is promoting socially responsible supply chains- perspectives from the UK.

Literature review on sustainable packaging practices in supply chain operations

Assessing the impact of outsourcing on supply chain performance: a comparative study of domestic vs. Offshore outsourcing

Case study analysis of supply chain risk management strategies in the Food and beverage industry

A case study of supplier relationship management practices in the automotive industry

A review of quality management standards and their relevance to the procurement and logistics function of mobile outlets in the UK.

How feasible is the warehouse management function for family businesses in the UK?

Analyzing the effectiveness of different transportation modes in supply chain operations: a comparative study

A review of policies and regulations in logistics and supply chain models from the transport perspective in the UK.

A comparative review of similarities and differences in the implementation of sustainable logistics management practices between developed countries.

A Systematic literature review on Supply chain Risk management strategies and practices

Comparative analysis of procurement strategies: traditional vs. E-procurement approaches

Assessing the application of agile Supply chain management principles: a case study of a technology company

Case study analysis of demand forecasting techniques in a pharmaceutical supply chain

An investigative exploration of transportation for logistics and supply chain management- policies and regulations in the UK and impact on service provision.

Evaluating the effectiveness of lean six sigma practices in reducing supply chain variability: an empirical analysis

How do small retailers maximize logistical value? A look at independent pharmacy retailers in the UK.

Reviewing the role of artificial intelligence in demand forecasting and planning

Studying the trend of warehouse robotics in logistics and how it can help retailers in the UK

Literature review on supplier relationship management strategies in the context of global supply chains

Why are shippers seeking innovative alternatives to parcel carrier services? Is this global or localized practice?

How do businesses in the UK manage customer services when using third-party platforms?

Assessing the impact of information sharing on supply chain collaboration and operational performance: an empirical study

Reviewing the effectiveness of the introduction of greenhouse gas reduction and carbon reduction in the supply chain of manufacturers in China.

Reshoring and nearshoring strategies in the aftermath of covid-19: a comparative analysis

Analyzing the adoption and impact of blockchain technology in supply chain management: a case study of a logistics company

Investigating the relationship between supply chain agility and customer satisfaction: a cross-industry analysis

Examining the Relationship between supply chain integration and firm performance: an empirical study

How has collaboration between logistics teams impacted service delivery in the UK service sector?

A review of green procurement practices and their impact on sustainable supply chain performance

Investigating the warehousing trends and challenges in omnichannel logistics- a literature review.

Comparative analysis of inventory management techniques: just-in-time (jit) vs. Vendor-managed inventory (VMI)

Investigating the integration of sustainable packaging practices in Supply chain operations: a case study of a consumer goods company

Exploring lean supply chain implementation: a case study of a manufacturing company

Investigating the impact of e-commerce on last-mile delivery performance: an empirical study

Cost factors in logistics- analysis of firm perspectives and implementation strategies to provide for logistics integration cost.

A comparative review of warehousing within the context of small, medium and large enterprises in the UK- a primary investigation.

What is the business impact of connections between independent suppliers and sellers through sales-oriented social media platforms?

Erp in logistics and supply chain management- history, current trends and future implications.

Packaging regulations in the UK and practical impact on business logistics- the case of confectionaries in the UK.

Supply chain agility and flexibility in responding to Disruptions: lessons from the Pandemic

Reviewing the impact of big data analytics on supply chain performance

Role of Technology and automation in enhancing supply chain resilience post-pandemic

A critical review of ethical sourcing practices in global supply chains

How do multinationals negotiate and consolidate with transportation services in the UK? A review of the retail industry and its relationship with transportation economics.

Last-mile delivery optimization in the post-covid e-commerce boom

Evaluating the performance of different supply chain coordination mechanisms: a comparative analysis

Decision-making in logistics and procurement- focus on models, strategies and challenges.

Assessing the Implementation of sustainable procurement practices: a case study of a Retail company

How are futuristic innovations expected to ease the logistics functions in supermarkets? Perspectives from the UK

Theoretical analysis of the concept of the control tower in logistics with a historical and futuristic perspective.

An investigative analysis of the trends and challenges in supply chains- the impact of globalization and the digital revolution.

Why are the researchers promoting the concept of flexibility in supply chain and logistics?

A literature review on the impact of robotics solutions on supply chain management of businesses around the world

A critical review of inventory management strategies and techniques in supply Chains

The benefits of using automated trucks to carry finished goods from point to point- investigations from the UK

The evolving role of the relationship development manager in developing trust and maintaining efficient supply chains- a primary investigation from the UK healthcare sector.

The role of integrated supply chain platforms in the backdrop of the Internet of things- a literature review.

A comparative study of supplier selection criteria in different industries

The Role of blockchain technology in enhancing supply chain transparency and Traceability: an empirical investigation

The Impact of covid-19 on global supply chain resilience and risk management strategies

The influence of supplier relationship management on supply chain resilience: an empirical analysis

Humanitarian supply chain integration- a systematic review based on growing academic focus and implications for SMEs in the UK.

Literature review on lean principles and their application in supply chain management

A systematic review of ethical practices and challenges in logistics and supply chain management.

Enterprise integration- how do small family-oriented businesses in the UK navigate the procedural intricacies of logistics management?

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