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Here is a short but great list of 7 tourism marketing dissertation topics. The titles in the list address a number of interesting current research problems that will make you worthy dissertation reports. From staff motivation to growth strategies, the list gives you plenty to choose from.

Creating dissertation topics in marketing for our customers is a very interesting task for me. Being a marketing graduate, I get excited about the prospect of helping other marketing student get on with their dissertation, more so for research in tourism marketing. I look forward to riffling through tourism literature to hunt down a new interesting research problem but you can pin that on my love for travelling and reading. Anyway, I thought of mixing up all three of these pleasures of mine and making you a list of tourism marketing dissertation topics.

Now, the list I share below is a uniquely compiled set of tourism marketing dissertation research topics that focus on marketing problems within the tourism industry. If you’re doing your master programme in marketing with a specialisation in tourism, this is one of the best places to start your dissertation topic research. All you have to do is pick out a title you like, tweak it a little to fit your interest better (and to make it different from other similar topics), and use it as your own.

Consider it a gift from us.

List of Tourism Marketing Dissertation Topics

Enhancing destination competitiveness through sports tourism marketing.

Differences between domestic and international tourists to the UK towards a local destination spot post-COVID-19- a survey.

The impact of important cultural events on tourism marketing- the case of Dubai Shopping Festival.

A review of cultural tourism marketing strategies and their effect on destination appeal.

Tourism marketing of heritage and culture- a review.

The influence of political stability on tourism marketing strategies and destination appeal.

The role of health and safety communication in post-pandemic tourism marketing.

The influence of Brexit on UK tourism marketing strategies – A comparative analysis with EU member states.

Effective marketing strategies in tourism: A comparative study of the UK and the USA

The role of augmented reality (AR) in enhancing tourism marketing experiences.

Sustainable tourism marketing in the UK: Assessing strategies for eco-friendly destination development.

Destination branding and its effects on attracting international tourists to the UK.

The rise of domestic tourism: Marketing strategies for promoting local travel in the post-COVID-19 era.

Leveraging digital marketing strategies for boosting sports tourism engagement and revenue generation.

Tourism marketing for adventure travel: Strategies to attract the thrill-seeking audience.

Evaluating the impact of environmental consciousness on tourists’ destination choices.

The role of digital marketing in enhancing customer engagement in the UK tourism industry.

The influence of online travel communities on tourism marketing strategies.

The role of customer satisfaction and reviews in enhancing destination marketing efforts.

Marketing strategies for senior versus young tourists- a discussion of key differences.

The impact of experiential marketing on tourists’ destination choices: A review of literature.

How helpful are endorsement e-reviews in tourism marketing? An online qualitative survey.

The influence of cultural festivals on tourism marketing and destination promotion in the UK.

Dark tourism: A critical review of marketing strategies for sensitive destinations.

Understanding the impact of cultural differences on tourists’ perception of destination marketing.

Assessing the shift to virtual tourism experiences: A post-COVID-19 marketing perspective.

Marketing strategies of small cities and towns in the UK- a survey.

Promoting cultural exchange through international tourism marketing.

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on destination perception and subsequent marketing strategies.

Tourism marketing of planned cities- framework analysis.

Destination loyalty: A study on the effectiveness of loyalty programs in tourism marketing.

The role of storytelling in tourism marketing: A psychological perspective.

The role of personalization and customization in contemporary tourism marketing.

Tourism entrepreneurship and strategies for tourist attraction in the UK- a qualitative survey on determinants of success.

Is consumer behavior in tourism the same or different from consumer behavior in other product categories? An evaluation of literature.

The role of emotions in destination marketing and tourist decision-making.

Crisis management in tourism marketing: A comprehensive review of strategies and implications.

Marketing of travel destinations based on customer service and provision of state-of-the-art facilities in destination hotels- the case of the UAE.

Big Hotels v budget hotels: A study of Green Tourism Marketing Practices in Britain

A systematic review of destination branding and its influence on tourism marketing success.

Influencer marketing in the tourism industry: A comprehensive review of trends and effectiveness.

The role of education and awareness in responsible tourism marketing.

Romantic illusions of weather and expectations from tourist sites- explorations from Asian tourists for European weather and European tourists for sunny and warm weather destinations.

Marketing of destinations- a primary research from the UK.

The role of neuromarketing in enhancing tourists’ engagement with destination marketing.

Destination marketing: A critical review of the evolution and emerging trends.

A systematic review of the changing face of tourism marketing across the globe.

The role of emotions in tourism marketing: A review of theoretical frameworks and applications.

The role of community engagement in sustainable tourism marketing: A case study of rural destinations in the UK.

Sustainable tourism marketing: A comprehensive review of strategies and best practices.

Rethinking sustainable tourism marketing strategies in the wake of COVID-19.

Wellness tourism marketing: Trends and strategies for attracting health-conscious travelers.

The critical factors for tourism marketing in the UK- a review.

A critical review of digital marketing strategies in the tourism industry.

Analyzing the influence of customer reviews on tourism marketing and destination choices.

The influence of climate change on tourism marketing and destination choices.

The impact of nostalgia marketing in attracting tourists to historical destinations.

A framework of tourism marketing for small sized firms in the UK- a survey.

Film based marketing of travel destinations- review of literature.

Examining the impact of adventure travel marketing on sustainable tourism.

Destination marketing and the rise of solo female travelers: Strategies and considerations.

Exploring the impact of celebrity tourism endorsements on destination choice.

Tourism marketing and craft industries- establishing a link through tourism marketing.

Sustainable gastronomy tourism in the UK: Opportunities and challenges for marketing strategies.

Examining the impact of language barriers on tourism marketing in international markets.

Leveraging technological advancements in virtual reality for immersive tourism marketing experiences in the UK.

Assessing the effectiveness of user-generated content in tourism marketing campaigns.

Tourism marketing in the luxury segment: Strategies to target affluent travelers.

The pervasiveness of social media decision making and implications for the tourist industry- A review of literature.

Sustainable tourism marketing in emerging economies: Challenges and prospects.

Investigating the effectiveness of guerrilla marketing in tourism promotion.

The role of influencer collaborations in tourism marketing campaigns.

Evaluating the effectiveness of e-mail marketing in promoting tourism destinations.

An analysis of global cooperation in reviving international tourism post-COVID-19.

A comprehensive review of destination marketing theories and their applications in the tourism industry.

Understanding the impact of cultural authenticity on tourists’ perception of destination marketing.

Factors that motivate guests to use the same B&B in the UK: A qualitative approach

Crisis communication strategies in tourism marketing: A case study of natural disasters.

Is Twitter a reliable medium for basing tourist destinations? A literature review.

Pandemic recovery strategies in tourism marketing: A case study approach.

Is it enough to be a tourist looking for new adventures? A qualitative evaluation of the key determinants of tourism decision-making in the UK.

Rural tourism marketing: Strategies for promoting off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Strategic integration of destination branding and online marketing in the travel and tourism industry.

An online survey of the key factors that motivate tourists to travel to busy tourist destinations.

Emerging trends in experiential tourism marketing: An analysis of innovative strategies.

The impact of virtual communities on tourist destination decision-making- herd behavior or marketing influence? An evaluation from primary data.

Imagining the future of tourism travel post-COVID 19 and implications for practice.

The role of gastronomy in UK tourism marketing: A cultural perspective.

Adapting destination marketing to the post-COVID-19 era: Challenges and opportunities.

A systematic review of tourism marketing in the context of emerging economies.

Does staff job satisfaction directly affect visitors’ satisfaction with accommodation services in the UK?

Reviewing the effectiveness of personalized marketing in the tourism industry.

Destination image and perception: A review of factors affecting tourists’ choices.

The role of online travel agencies (OTAs) in contemporary tourism marketing: A review of strategies and impacts.

Evaluating the effectiveness of crisis management in tourism marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Connecting design with customer satisfaction: Studying color themes in British budget hotels

The evolving landscape of tourism marketing post-COVID-19: Strategies and adaptations.

Ecotourism and marketing innovation: An examination of British tourism

Use of job satisfaction of local staff as a precursor to the growth of tourist destinations

There you have it. The list is simple and yet all the dissertation topics here have great potential to make you interested in research studies in tourism marketing.

There you go. Use the list well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our topics-related blog posts for the future or looking to get help with dissertation writing, send us an email at

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