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Marketing dissertation topics are as difficult to make as any. This post gives undergrad and MBA students a list of 8 great sample marketing titles and briefly discusses your options for each one. You take your pick and tweak it to fit your marketing dissertation needs.

Picking the right topic among the current marketing dissertation topics available is the first, and could be the most time consuming, the exercise of the marketing dissertation course. Not only are there considerations of your supervisor’s approval involved but also the matter of finding something that is easy rather than tough to carry on with.

Your marketing dissertation will be expected to make a new addition to the existing research and literature in your given field. That said, don't go looking for a marketing research topics for students available that you consider no one has worked on before. Instead, focus on a specific marketing area that is of interest to you, preferably one where you already have done considerable research and can easily handle the literature and methodology requirements.

Make sure your marketing research topic is concise and highlights what the focus of the work and research will be. Clear knowledge of research objectives, and grasp on the requirements can help you in writing marketing dissertation with ease. If you don’t have time to go for our specialised service, this following list of recent marketing dissertation topics should help you just fine.

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Marketing is a large field covering multiple areas of research. To consider the importance of each field, we wrote separate posts to cover each topic. If we have overlooked any of the fields which require academic research, feel free to write down in the comments section and you will find the posts available in the marketing section next time you visit us.

Let’s get started for marketing research topics for undergrad, masters and PhD students.

List of Marketing Dissertation Topics:

Children as autonomous consumers of new technologies. A case study.

Conflict, compromise and consensus: a deeper look at consumer roles, patterns and preferences in culturally diverse families.

An analysis of ethical issues in marketing to children through the Internet- a literature review.

An exploration of the efficacy of Marketing audit in large corporations in the UK- evidence from the literature.

An exploration of the combined effects of restaurant food and service quality and its marketing on price versus quality decision making of loyal patrons- a UK based study.

A study of legal challenges to the marketing of sustainability products in the UK- the case of energy-efficient appliances.

What are the key ethical issues in the marketing of pharmaceutical products in the UK? An exploration.

How much more creativity can be injected into marketing practices? A historical evaluation of major marketing breakthroughs and applications.

How do project managers in the UK construction sector view risk management of projects that have been extensively marketed prior to construction? A qualitative study.

Does culture impact perceptions towards the marketing of health care products in the UK? A qualitative study.

How important is social marketing in creating positive and negative perceptions towards the marketing of domestic products in the UK? A grounded theory research.

A qualitative study on the impact of the relationship between marketing effectiveness and service support on a customers’ purchase intention- the case of electronic appliances in the UK.

Marketing warfare and its impact on loyal customers’ perceptions towards specific brands- a literature review.

How effective is guerilla marketing? A comparative assessment of the impacts of guerilla marketing between developed and developing countries.

How is the quality of marketing an important factor in the food and beverage sector of the UK? An exploration of fresh food produce impacted by the marketing of large retail stores.

A grounded research study on the curriculum development and execution of marketing ethics in higher education institutions in the UK.

Looking into charity marketing: a critical analysis of door-to-door fundraising and what people think about it in the UK.

Global organisations and strategy: comparing adaptive and uniform marketing tactics.

How product innovation marketing can lead to a competitive edge: analysing XYZ company.

Business advocacy for better marketing freedom: studying the case of Nigeria.

Surviving economic volcanoes in tourism: how Irish hotels used marketing to save themselves during the recession.

How marketing their CSR can help SMEs grow: a greek study.

The dark side of marketing: how Ponzi schemes worked in the USA.

“double, double toil and trouble”: how marketers trapped mortgage-ridden customers into buying subprime loans.

How direct marketing strategies employed by an organization boost its competitive advantage within its industry of operation.

Marketing your product via magazines might help the product to grow. Discuss the payout of one-way marketing and evaluate the results.

What are the major marketing challenges faced by a bank or an insurance company?

Analysis of factors affecting consumers on decisions purchasing face products.

Influence of integrated marketing communication to visit domestic tourists to the XYZ city.

Analysis of factor consumer behaviour in conduct decision purchase of fashion products.

China seems to be penetrating in the international trade which is a threat to domestic markets of the international trade competitors. How the marketing techniques can be utilized to promote domestic businesses and maintain the international relationship.

Influence of factors of the mix, marketing, personal characteristics and environment to consumer behaviour in buying face products in the UK.

Can a marketing audit provide an effective intervention for marketing relations?

An exploration of the key marketing strategies that can be used by entrepreneurs in the UK when venturing into business areas with limited expertise.

How can effective marketing improve current and future fashion retail performance?

Marketing and service brands – a case study in the FMCG sector of XYZ country.

What marketing strategies a company trading heavy equipments should use when entering a cut-throat industry with a monopolistic competition.

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