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This blog post makes an impressive list of some very interesting sports marketing dissertation topics. From brand loyalty and consumer behaviour to how sports is transforming modern marketing practices, the titles give you a lot of choice in research problems. Take a title you like and make it your own.

Sports and marketing make a superb blend of passion, energy, and growth. They are both similar in so many ways, and the excitement professionals in both fields share is intoxicating. However, becoming a marketing professional in sports requires more academic prowess than any athletic ability I can think of. This is why I thought of making you folks a list of sports marketing dissertation topics so that the tough task of writing a dissertation becomes a tad easier.

Sports marketing university courses, especially those of longer spans and greater worth, such as a proper sports marketing degree, are turning into a growing trend all across Britain. There could be a number of reasons for it, including the youth’s growing interest in sports and similar leisure activities, but more and more students are now turning into sports professionals, where promotion and marketing can land them lucrative careers.

But I digress. Let’s get you that list of sports marketing dissertation titles I promised.

Free Sports Marketing Dissertation Titles for You

Here you go:

Trend of effect of traditional advertising on ticket purchases: Football in Britain since 1985

Which marketing factors keep football club fans loyal? Studying the British Premier League

Earning through sports association: A case of British companies and sponsoring cricket series

Social media presence and loyalty: How are football teams using Twitter to keep their fans their own?

What is the purpose of grass-root marketing campaigns in sports in England?

Winter Olympics: Trends in host country’s marketing and growth ratio

A woman’s touch: How do female athletes affect brand loyalty of sports goods consumers?

Brand association and career goals: Do sponsors affect the athlete’s dreams?

The other side of brand loyalty: When does a brand decide to leave a failing athlete/team?

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This list of dissertation titles in sports marketing is a short one but the titles have a lot of potential. It’s all about your imagination. Take inspiration and transform the title you like into something that’s closer to what you want to work with.

Don’t forget to tell me if you liked my list of sports marketing dissertation topics in the comments section below.

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