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This is a no-nonsense blog post with a clear and versatile list of 20 fantastic MBA marketing dissertation topics. The list covers a number of important subject areas within the many marketing research domains to help MBA marketing students get the best of dissertation title examples they can.

Before suggesting you MBA marketing dissertation topics, let me tell you why I had to write this post when I already had a list of topics for dissertation in marketing with MBA marketing topics included. When the topic services like free topic help and paid topic brief advertised on our website, we started to get many queries requesting marketing project topics for MBA students only. So, I usually respond with a couple of good marketing research title examples for MBA. However, Most of them respond with one question: Will these examples make good MBA marketing dissertation topics? or Can we have more dissertation topics on marketing for MBA?

Then I started to get more and more queries asking MBA marketing research topics specifically. Due to increase in the number of queries related to marketing project topics for MBA students, I decided to pile up all the topics is one post and write this blog today. I worked on it for a couple of days and it’s ready for presentation.

Without further wait, here are your 20 recent dissertation topics for MBA marketing you can use to impress your supervisor.

List of MBA marketing dissertation topics:

The Internet arena: How social media is leading British firms to competitive advantage

Does innovation increase customer retention? A case of children footwear industry

Socio-economic variance and purchase decisions: How do British consumers choose among brands?

Data driven business approaches: How Amazon predicts consumer behaviour based on location

The magic of words: How the smartphone industry is growing through word-of-mouth marketing

Product customisation and its effect on growth in the long-run: A case of Dell

Mobile marketing and its relationship with consumer loyalty: A study of Uber

Consumer feedback for service quality: How ASDA uses feedback to innovate products

Benefits and downsides of SMS marketing: What do British working women say?

The pricing problem products available in both the digital and real-life worlds: How much do books cost?

The power of “No!”: Damage control strategies British firms have had to use against boycotts since 1970

“Bless you, YouTube!” How entrepreneurship is evolved by online celebrities

CSR for the global marketer: A case study of Bank of Scotland’s marketing team

“If you can’t beat them, join them.” How software companies learned to shake hands with the open source community

Online C2C opportunities and factors that consumer purchase decisions: Studying OLX

The art of market segmentation: Trends from British literature (1900-2017)

Learning from across the ocean: Comparing marketing strategies of mobile telecom sectors in the UK and USA

Notes from the British banking sector: Moving towards customer delight

Growing through compliments: How word-of-mouth praise is helping the British restaurant sector

Leading the pack: How gender of the family leader affects family purchase choices

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