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Are you a student looking for engaging and thought-provoking dissertation topics in the field of marketing management? That’s your stop! We understand the significance of selecting a compelling research topic that aligns with your academic level and interests. Whether you are pursuing an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree, our comprehensive list of topics will inspire […]

Are you a student looking for engaging and thought-provoking dissertation topics in the field of marketing management? That’s your stop! We understand the significance of selecting a compelling research topic that aligns with your academic level and interests. Whether you are pursuing an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree, our comprehensive list of topics will inspire and guide you in your search for the perfect dissertation topic.

Marketing management is a dynamic field that offers a wide range of research opportunities, from exploring emerging marketing trends to examining the impact of digital technologies on consumer behavior. Changes in the past few decades have begun to transform the disciple of marketing management and new marketing management project topics test learners’ aptitudes for keeping pace with new and relevant techniques in addition to having a firm grasp on conventional marketing management techniques.

In this blog, we present a diverse selection of topics that cover various aspects of marketing management, allowing you to delve into areas such as consumer psychology, branding strategies, market segmentation, and more. Let’s dive into our list of captivating dissertation topics and embark on an exciting journey of knowledge creation and exploration in the realm of marketing management. The following is a list of research topics in marketing management to help you get started on your journey to writing an exciting paper.

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List of Marketing Management Dissertation Topics

Reviewing the effects of pricing strategies on consumer behavior and purchase decisions.

Marketing management in UK’s manufacturing SME sector- trends and challenges.

A case study of McDonald’s localization strategies: adapting to different cultural markets.

Examining the role of brand identity and brand personality in shaping consumer preferences.

The effectiveness of emotional marketing appeals in shaping consumer behavior.

Understanding the role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in consumer perception and brand equity.

Analyzing the brand positioning and marketing mix of tesla motors: a case study approach.

Comparing the impact of emotional versus rational advertising appeals on consumer attitudes and purchase intentions.

Exploring the challenges and opportunities of marketing luxury brands in the post-covid marketplace.

Evaluating the impact of online reviews on consumer decision-making.

The scope of marketing management in the oil and gas sector- implications for future industrial liaisons.

How do sales support the marketing function of sophisticated information security systems in the UK’s banking industry- primary research.

Analyzing the social media marketing strategy of Starbucks: a case study on building customer engagement.

Analyzing the role of neuromarketing techniques in understanding consumer behavior.

Brand management through the alliance with key partners in information securities- an analysis of the UK market.

The role of marketing management in maintenance of effective supply chains- answers from the UK.

The impact of nostalgia marketing in building emotional connections with consumers.

Analyzing the factors affecting consumer switching behavior in the service industry.

Investigating the impact of gamification on customer engagement and loyalty: a field experiment.

Comparing the influence of product quality and brand reputation on consumer purchase decisions in the automotive industry.

A comparative review of the marketing function in the craft beer industry in the US and the UK.

Exploring the digital marketing tactics of Amazon: a case study on driving e-commerce success.

Investigating the factors influencing brand switching behavior among millennials: a cross-sectional survey.

A critical recount of the historical journey of marketing management in the UK.

The role of influencer marketing in the fashion industry: a case study of fashion nova.

A review of customer relationship management (CRM) strategies: key success factors and implementation challenges.

The impact of Coca-Cola’s marketing strategies on consumer perception: a case study analysis.

Examining the relationship between customer satisfaction and brand loyalty: an empirical study in the retail industry.

Analyzing the effects of game marketing on consumer behavior and purchase intention.

A systematic literature review on the neologism “Coopetition” within the concept of marketing management.

Examining the branding strategies of apple inc.: a case study of building brand loyalty.

The role of online reviews in shaping consumer perceptions and purchase decisions: an empirical analysis.

Analyzing the marketing campaign of Nike: a case study on effective brand communication.

The impact of influencer marketing on consumer purchase behavior: a comparative analysis of different industries.

The impact of covid-19 on consumer behavior and implications for marketing strategies.

How have challenges in the travel and tourism of politically unstable countries defined marketing?

Investigating the influence of social media marketing on brand perception and consumer engagement.

A review of consumer perception and attitude towards green marketing practices.

The success factors of red bull’s experiential marketing: a case study analysis.

An analysis of the marketing drivers in the high-end retail industry- implications for the UK.

The effectiveness of location-based marketing strategies in targeting local customers.

A comparative analysis of consumer perceptions and preferences for local versus global brands.

Analyzing the effectiveness of cause-related marketing in building brand image and consumer loyalty.

An analysis of the social responsibility of the chief marketing officer based on global statistics.

The effectiveness of mobile apps in enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

The impact of experiential marketing on consumer engagement and brand affinity.

The evolution of customer engagement strategies in the hospitality industry post-covid.

Understanding the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in enhancing marketing campaigns and customer experience.

Analyzing the effectiveness of traditional marketing channels versus digital marketing channels: a comparative study.

The effect of personalized email marketing on customer engagement: an empirical analysis.

Analyzing the effectiveness of social media advertising across different generations: a comparative study.

Marketing management of the private education sector across the UK.

The effect of pharmaceutical marketing on doctor’s prescriptions- evidence from selected UK outpatient clinics.

Analyzing the effects of online advertising on consumer attitudes and purchase intentions.

A systematic review of influencer marketing: trends, effectiveness, and future directions.

Going green- tracing marketing and supply chains through sustainable channels in the UK.

Analyzing the effectiveness of personalization strategies in digital marketing.

The use of big data analytics in marketing: a review of applications and challenges.

Examining the impact of user-generated content on social media platforms on brand perception: a quantitative study.

Assessing the effectiveness of virtual events and webinars as marketing tools during and after the covid-19 pandemic.

Analyzing the effectiveness of content marketing strategies in generating brand awareness and customer engagement.

B2b marketing- analysis of the comparative realities from the UK.

The role of customer satisfaction in building brand advocacy and positive word-of-mouth.

A systematic literature review of green marketing across Europe.

Reviewing the role of social media in shaping consumer behavior: a comprehensive analysis.

Investigating the effects of product placement in movies and tv shows on consumer behavior.

How effective is the implementation of the loyalty card program by UK family-owned businesses? Investigative research.

Product innovation in consumer goods sectors of multinationals and impact on coopetition- review of the literature.

Exploring the role of digital marketing in adapting to the post-covid consumer landscape.

How does knowledge management support the role of the CMO? A systematic literature review.

The shift from traditional retail to e-commerce: analyzing the long-term implications for marketing management.

The influence of price discounts on consumer purchase behavior: an empirical study in the e-commerce sector.

Comparing the impact of celebrity endorsements versus influencer marketing on brand attitudes and purchase intentions.

Understanding the impact of consumer psychology on pricing strategies.

A comparative analysis of marketing strategies in the fashion industry: fast fashion versus luxury brands.

The role of emotional appeals in advertising: a critical review of research literature.

Analyzing the role of customer relationship management (CRM) in building resilient customer loyalty post-covid.

Assessing the effects of product placement in movies versus tv shows: a comparative analysis.

The role of user-generated content in building brand authenticity and consumer trust.

Investigating the role of gamification in enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

The role of customer trust in online shopping: an empirical analysis of e-commerce platforms.

The effectiveness of cross-cultural marketing strategies in global markets.

The impact of digital marketing on traditional advertising: a literature review.

Investigating the influence of green marketing strategies on consumer purchase intentions.

The role of social influence in consumer decision-making Processes.

Reviewing the impact of customer experience on brand loyalty: a synthesis of empirical studies.

A comparative study of customer loyalty programs: points-based versus tiered reward systems.

Examining the resilience and adaptation of small businesses in implementing marketing strategies during the covid-19 crisis.

Customer-to-customer interaction and marketing management- an analysis of the strategic relationship for healthy outcomes.

A case study of Airbnb’s disruptive marketing and customer engagement strategies.

Investigating the impact of augmented reality (AR) in enhancing consumer experience and purchase intention.

Analyzing the impact of social media influencer marketing on brand awareness and purchase intentions.

The influence of social media in marketing management- an analysis of the trust factor in online business practices.

Understanding the impact of supply chain disruptions on marketing management and customer experience.

How strong is the case for reform in marketing management? Perspectives from the UK.

The role of social media influencers in promoting brands and products in the post-covid era.

Investigating the influence of price perception on consumer buying behavior.

Reviewing the effectiveness of content marketing in building brand awareness and customer engagement.

Assessing the customer experience and satisfaction of online shopping platforms: a comparative study of Amazon and Alibaba.

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