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This post discusses the significance of branding in marketing theory. With this emphasis, the post lists down 8 high quality branding dissertation topics for marketing students of all levels. Pick out the title you like and customise it a little so you can use it as your own without fearing plagiarism.

Branding, this one simple word, in fact stands for a lot that goes on in the name of marketing. It’s one of the greatest (if not the greatest itself) pillars that erected the tower of marketing. This summation means that if you’re studying branding, you have a lot of options for research. If you’re writing a branding dissertation, you’re not only writing a marketing dissertation (which is the parent subject), you might choose to write a consumer behaviour dissertation (which falls within the parameters of branding). Keeping all this mind, I thought we could easily make a list of branding dissertation topics for our readers. And here we are.

The list is a set of marketing dissertation topics on branding that you can take inspiration from. Pick out the brand management dissertation topics that you like and follow them through scholarly literature to assess your research opportunities. If you like the direction it’s going in, that’s the branding dissertation title you want to work with. Tweak it a little to fit better around your capacity and preferences and you have a brand new title ready to go with your branding dissertation.

One last sentence before you jump onto the topics, my collegue Adam has written a blog on dissertation topics in advertising. It’s worth reading.

List of Branding Dissertation Topics:

The role of national identity in shaping brand perception among UK consumers.

A systematic literature review on the role of emotions in brand perception and loyalty.

Investigating the effectiveness of cause-related marketing on brand image and consumer loyalty.

Brand storytelling and its resonance with UK consumers: A case study approach.

The role of social media influencers in shaping consumer perceptions of UK beauty brands.

An analysis of the impacts of branding mistakes.

A study on political branding- belief in ideals or personality-endorsed brainwashing?

Can branding overcome injurious products? A case study of Coca-Cola.

The effect of sensory branding on consumer experience and brand loyalty.

Retaining brand value through innovation: studying Apple Inc.

Branding and advertising: The impact of emotional storytelling in modern branding campaigns.

Evaluation of Toyota’s total quality management as the key driver of their customer brand loyalty in the UK market.

The influence of online brand communities on brand engagement and consumer loyalty.

The role of brand salience in consumer memory and purchase decisions.

Brand localization vs. globalization: A comparative analysis of branding strategies.

How effective is branding for new technology products? An analysis.

Internet and brand outreach: a case study of fashion retailers in the UK.

A critical review of co-branding strategies and their effects on brand image and consumer perception.

The changing landscape of brand authenticity and transparency in the post-pandemic world.

Is brand value immune to the absence of a product from the market for prolonged periods?

The interplay of music and branding: An exploration of its influence on brand recall and recognition.

The evolution of brand extension strategies: A critical literature review.

Exploring the impact of cross-industry partnerships on brand equity and consumer perceptions.

Assessing the impact of corporate social responsibility on brand image and consumer perception.

The influence of social media on brand image: A comprehensive literature review.

Consumer orientation in small and medium enterprises: the impact on brand loyalty.

A comprehensive review of brand identity and its relationship with consumer behavior.

Branding of cities and their impacts on urban planning- an analysis.

A systematic review of brand loyalty models and their applicability in diverse industries.

The influence of nostalgia marketing on brand resonance among UK consumers.

Investigating the influence of packaging design on brand perception in the UK beverage industry.

A comprehensive review of brand architecture strategies and their impact on consumer choice.

Hospitals and branding in selected countries- understanding of employed models and impacts.

Online brand communities and their role in brand engagement post-COVID-19.

Twitter and journalists- an evolved form of branding for what?

Brand trust and its role in consumer decision-making: A case study approach.

The impact of brand congruence on consumer purchase intentions in the fashion industry.

Should celebrity endorsement be the principal channel of brand communications though it acts as an external cue?

The influence of brand storytelling on consumer engagement and loyalty.

Has religion ever interfered with branding? An examination.

The power of brand v neglect to ethics: a study of the petroleum industry.

Has digital branding equated global culture to the same model? Perspectives from different countries.

The impact of brand and price on consumer behavior during economic recession: a case of the clothing market in Greece.

Branding and neuropsychology: Exploring the cognitive underpinnings of effective branding strategies.

The role of online reviews and ratings in shaping brand reputation and consumer trust.

An integrative review of brand equity measurement models and methodologies.

Branding African destinations- how does it impact the poverty stricken areas in the continent?

Brand experience and its impact on customer loyalty: A systematic review.

Exploring the impact of country-of-origin on brand perception and consumer preferences.

Self-branding through social media and what it does for home-based entrepreneurs.

The role of sensory branding in shaping consumer perceptions: A critical review.

The influence of age and generational differences on brand preferences and perception.

The effect of the pandemic on luxury brand consumption and the subsequent adaptation of branding strategies.

Can enhance brand experience act as an effective way of combating counterfeit goods. In relation to Louis Vuitton and Nike.

The influence of brand personality congruence on consumer-brand relationships.

How brand positioning of animal health product can be improved through marketing strategies in the UK pharmaceutical industry. (it could be a case of one of the leading pharma Company).

Analyzing the role of celebrity endorsements in shaping brand perception in the UK market.

Adapting to the ‘new normal’: The evolution of branding strategies in the hospitality sector post-COVID-19.

A comparative review of online and offline branding strategies and their effectiveness.

Assessing the impact of ethical branding on consumer preferences in the UK.

Effect of risk on brand equity: comparing popular European restaurant chains.

The phenomenon of digital piracy: how a company can respond with public relation practices to protect a brand name.

Exploring the impact of Brexit on branding strategies in the UK.

Branding of NGOs- who reaps the benefits?

Does branding through celebrity endorsement pose any challenges? An evaluation of impacts on different stakeholders.

How to build strong online branding?

A review of the impact of brand personality on consumer purchase intentions.

Investigating the effectiveness of emotional branding in the healthcare industry.

Crisis communication and brand reputation management during and post-COVID-19: A case study approach.

The aesthetic effectiveness of destination branding modulated through online reviews- what do customers want?

Brand crisis management: A case study of UK companies and their responses to public crises.

Digital transformation in branding post-COVID-19: An analysis of new trends and strategies.

Semiotics and branding: breaking down logos of major British brands.

The influence of cultural symbols on brand perception and consumer behavior.

A comparative review of rebranding strategies and their outcomes in the corporate sector.

The effect of the brand on consumer decision making in the appliance industry in XYZ country.

impact of brand image and product design on consumer behaviour in the snowboarding market.

Understanding the impact of cultural diversity on branding strategies in the UK retail market.

The pervasiveness of branding and impacts on teenagers- how different is it from their parents’ exposure to branding at their age?

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumer trust and brand loyalty: A comparative study.

A meta-analysis of branding strategies in the hospitality industry and their effect on customer satisfaction.

Trickling brand value down the shelf: the case of major British supermarkets and their own products.

Brand authenticity and its influence on consumer trust in UK food industry.

The role of e-commerce in reshaping branding strategies in the post-pandemic era.

Analyzing the role of packaging design in creating brand differentiation and consumer appeal.

An exploration of how lifestyle branding has impacted architectural developments in Pakistan (developing country).

Sustainability and resilience: Evaluating post-COVID-19 branding strategies in the fashion industry.

Investigating the effects of brand exclusivity on consumer perceptions and loyalty.

Investigating the effectiveness of digital branding for UK-based start-ups.

The role of color psychology in brand identity and consumer preference.

An exploration of ethics and bias in branded journalism- the case of CNN/ BBC.

Lifestyle branding in YouTube videos and their impacts on viewers- generating online attitudes and perspectives.

Analyzing the branding strategies of UK-based tech startups: A comparative study.

Evaluating the brand equity of British luxury fashion brands in international markets.

The influence of brand personality on consumer loyalty in the UK retail sector.

Has digital fashion branding created a fake but universal culture? An exploration for answers.

The role of packaging in food brand extension; does physical appearance affect consumer reaction.

Analyzing the post-COVID-19 consumer behavior shifts and their implications on branding strategies.

The impact of influencer marketing on brand perception: A critical review.

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