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This post begins with discussing the problem of bias in advertising research done by students. Also, the post contains a list of 9 very good advertising dissertation topics so that marketing students can take inspiration for their dissertation titles. Choose one and mould it to fit your dissertation needs.

Advertising dissertations are a tough subject – not because they take any more time or effort to finish in comparison with any other kind of dissertation reports, but because everybody has an opinion about advertising. So much is said about advertising everyday by so many people that it’s hard to arrive at the task of working out potential advertising dissertation topics without extraordinary bias. With other kinds of marketing dissertations, opinions are usually adopted from scholars but, since it’s an everyday phenomenon, advertising is looked down by consumers even though it benefits them.

In any case, that’s a debate for some other time. Right now, I just want to deliver these great dissertation topics in advertising to you readers. Anybody among you who is going into the dissertation course in marketing can benefit from this advertisement topics for students. The advertising research topics list I am giving here are specific and interesting with plenty of room for serious questions and research.

So, let’s get to it right away. Oh wait, I must mention you two posts my collegue has written for you which I believe you will find useful in your research journey to find useful topic. They are MBA marketing topics and marketing research topics for undergrad, masters and PhD students. Unfortunetly, I can’t link all but you can check the more posts in different marketing field in related posts area below.

A list of dissertation topics in Advertising:

Analyzing the role of social proof in online advertising.

Impact of advertisement on the performance of the FMCG sector

Analyzing the role of advertising in shaping perceptions of sustainable brands in the UK.

The impact of authenticity in influencer marketing on consumer trust.

The influence of social media advertising on consumer purchase intent.

Assessing the effectiveness of humor in UK television advertising.

The influences of online advertising on young adult consumer behavior

A critical review of the ethics of subliminal advertising.

The effectiveness of personalized advertising: A consumer perception study.

Investigating the influence of humor in Super Bowl advertising.

The role of gender representation in advertising: A UK perspective.

Ethical considerations in advertising during and post-COVID: A comparative study.

The impact of celebrity advertising on brand perception and consumer trust.

Comparative study of advertising regulations in the UK and the European Union.

Consumer perception of advertising: what British adult males think about advertising

A critical review of the role of storytelling in modern advertising.

A comparative content analysis of televised political advertising in the United States and Canada in recent elections

he influence of digital advertising on consumer behavior in the UK market.

The debate about banning advertisements: is it a matter of freedom of speech or ethics?

The evolution of advertising: how has advertising in Britain changed with the media?

How is history being reshaped through mindful advertising? The case of Indian movies

The effectiveness of cross-platform advertising strategies.

Strategies for leveraging social media in advertising and marketing.

Adapting advertising strategies for remote work and digital lifestyles post-COVID.

The impact of ad frequency on consumer engagement in digital advertising.

Social global psychology- has it converged to a single point? An exploration of literature

Has online advertising created a global culture? An online mixed methods research

Do images in make-up advertising persuade women to buy?

The impact of data privacy concerns on personalized advertising.

The impact of augmented reality (AR) advertising on consumer engagement.

Does consumer expertise impact his response to advertising? A review of the literature

A review of the influence of color in advertising.

Investigating the ethical implications of targeted advertising in the UK.

How meaningful is brand loyalty in an age of over-exposure to advertising? A survey from the UK

A critical review of mobile advertising and its impact on consumer behavior.

What is globalization in the advertising world? Finding answers through literature

The successful drive towards materialism through consistent advertising for consumer products- can the minimalists meet this challenge?

Advertising for non-adult consumers: are children the best target segment?

The role of scarcity and urgency in advertising persuasion.

Investigating the impact of humor and satire in political advertising.

Consumer perception of safety measures in post-COVID advertising campaigns.

Investigating the effects of cultural sensitivity in global advertising campaigns.

Reviewing the effectiveness of cross-cultural advertising strategies.

Pros and cons of comparison advertising: a study of Coca-Cola and Pepsi

The impact of influencer marketing on consumer preferences in the UK.

The impact of advertising on college students’ enrollment decision. A case study

The frequency of online ads for Asda: which factors decide how much is enough?

Analyzing the effectiveness of cause-related marketing in advertising.

Advertising for tobacco and alcohol: what do British consumers and marketers say?

The effectiveness of mobile advertising in reaching a younger demographic.

A critical review of the role of fear appeals in advertising.

How does advertising in America perpetuate racial stereotypes?

Assessing the role of gender stereotypes in advertising and their impact.

The impact of Brexit on advertising practices and consumer perceptions in the UK.

The evolution of digital advertising: A literature review.

An in-depth review of advertising’s role in promoting sustainable practices.

The impact of the pandemic on advertising budgets and resource allocation.

How helpful has advertising been on exploring mortgage options? A survey

The effectiveness of shock advertising in promoting social awareness.

Advertising and body image: An exploration of the ethical implications.

The ethical dilemmas of advertising online- how to identify the age of the audience and does it really matters anymore?

Analyzing the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements in pharmaceutical advertising.

A study on the role of trust in online advertising.

Building a consistent brand image: effective approaches to branding strategies.

The language of advertising- how does it transcend global boundaries? An exploration of consumerism across global cultures

The role of digital storytelling in contemporary advertising.

Consumption patterns and behaviours based on physical attributes of brand ambassadors- a review of literature

The role of music and jingles in advertising effectiveness.

Investigating the influence of nostalgia marketing on older generations.

A comprehensive review of neuromarketing techniques in advertising.

Examining the use of nostalgia in UK advertising and its impact on consumer engagement.

The relationship between the shock factor in advertising and stock market activities- a review of literature

Adapting advertising content and strategies to a health-conscious market post-COVID.

The role of ethical advertising in building long-term brand loyalty.

Is there anyone or anything that is not being advertised and marketed? An exploration of over-exposure to advertisements

Effect of qualitative advertising on consumer behavior

The psychological impact of over-exposure to advertisements on well-informed and wary customers- a grounded theory research

How does gender impact the creation and delivery of advertising campaigns as well as its acceptance among customers? A primary investigation

A review of the effectiveness of humor in advertising.

Investigating the role of emotions in advertising and consumer decision-making.

The influence of social media advertising on brand loyalty among UK consumers.

The role of augmented reality in modern advertising: A review.

Exploring the role of fear appeals in health-related advertising.

The role of advertising in promoting healthy eating habits and lifestyles.

The influence of green advertising on eco-conscious consumer behavior.

The importance of advertising and the role it plays (its influence) in consumers’ buying behavior

The effectiveness of emotional intelligence in advertising content creation.

Exploring the effects of online reviews on consumer trust in UK e-commerce advertising.

What are the key opportunities and critical challenges for online sports advertising? Evidence from literature (link to sports marketing, online marketing)

Investigating the influence of interactivity in digital advertising.

Analyzing the effectiveness of different advertising channels for Generation Z.

Search engines and advertising- is there anywhere that is safe and private anymore? A review of the literature

An evaluation of the factors predicting the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement advertisements

The rise of e-commerce: An analysis of advertising strategies post-COVID.

A study on the ethics of native advertising in digital media.

Effectiveness of celebrity endorsements in UK advertising: A comparative analysis.

Investigating the effectiveness of product placement in movies and TV shows.

The shift to virtual events: How advertising strategies adapted post-COVID.

The effect of social constructs in the age of global advertising: how does localisation fit in?

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