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Islamic finance dissertation topics are gaining importance as the concept has generated extensive interest within the context of finance and business. There is a range of Masters’ level research topics in Islamic finance but the topics can also be modified for other academic levels. A list of dissertation topics in islamic finance: The following list […]

Islamic finance dissertation topics are gaining importance as the concept has generated extensive interest within the context of finance and business. There is a range of Masters' level topics in Islamic finance but the topics can also be modified for other academic levels.

The following list contains the relevant and popular trending islamic finance dissertation topics. Please feel free to browse through the list to choose what you want to write about:

A list of research topics in islamic finance:

A theological context for the distinction between Capitalism and the Islamic financial community- evidence through literature.

Asset-backed financing- what does Islam guide?

The development and acceptance of Islamic finance features in a Capitalist society- searching for answers.

A systematic review of challenges and limitations in the implementation of Islamic financing in capitalist environments.

Islamic views on hedging- highlighting the practice, similarities and differences in comparison to capitalism.

Islamic finance and risk-sharing- a literary overview.

The relevance of Islamic banking experience to career prospects and job opportunities for Islamic bankers in capitalist societies- investigating the scenario.

Investigating the salient features of Islamic economics, impact on finance and the capitalist environment.

The contribution of Islamic Shariah in an implementation of Islamic finance in Malaysia- a detailed review.

Entrepreneurship in Islam- an extended literature review.

Islamic finance, impact on conventional capital markets- a review of the UK.

Tracing the historical pathway of Islamic finance in the UK from the 1970s- a literature-based investigation.

What is the future of Islamic finance in environments increasingly relying on AI?

What is Sukuk? Generating a factual understanding for this term and its importance within Islamic banking.

Venture capital through the comparative perspectives of capitalist and Islamic financial rules- an analysis.

Corporate social responsibility in an Islamic financial environment- a detailed literature-based review.

A comparative investigation of the loyalty of conventional and Islamic bank customers in the UK.

Compatibility of Islamic banking with halal tourism in Islamic countries- investigating rules, practices, challenges and limitations.

Are customers of Islamic banking satisfied? A comparative investigation with traditional banking customers.

An analysis of Islamic banking products and services and their contributory role in strengthening the Islamic financial institutions in Malaysia.

Profit sharing, Interest and related theoretical assumptions in Islamic finance- an overview.

Reconciliation of dual banking systems within a Muslim majority country- evidence from Pakistan/ Malaysia.

Justification of the Islamic financial doctrine through sustainability factors- a review of literature.

A comparative analysis of investment objectives among traditional and Sukuk investors through the Theory of Planned Behaviour.

How does the concept of profitability in Islamic banks compare to a conventional bank? Review of literature.

Is crowdfunding permissible through Sharia? Evidence from the Islamic finance literature.

Smart financial products in view of Islamic finance- permissible or prohibited?

Mapping economic growth in Malaysia as an extension of Islamic financial policies.

Perspectives of corporate governance in Islamic financial institutions through an overview of contextual literature.

Justification of cryptocurrency in Islamic finance- what does Islamic law guide?

How are disputes resolved in Islamic financial institutions? Insights from literature.

An analysis of Islamic finance perspective to risk sharing through a review of current literature.

Finding antecedents to the 2008 financial crisis from the Islamic finance perspective.

A comparative review of stability features within Islamic and conventional finance environments.

A study on why Islamic finance is not THE LAW in Muslim countries.

A qualitative investigation on how non-Muslim finance experts working in Islamic financial institutions in the UK perceive Islamic finance practices.

An exploration of the role of Islamic finance in a global environment.

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