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The blog gives out a list of 19 dissertation topics on critical care nursing that can help students in choosing topics on latest issues in critical care nursing research. All topics are simple, clearly articulated and customizable to save time for students.

Critical Care Nursing is the most in-demand field of nursing. For secure career, I highly recommend students to specialise in the critical care nursing. To attain a nursing degree, every student is required to submit a dissertation on recent nursing dissertation topics in critical care available. Yet I totally understand when students, with limited resources, face issues in finding research topics in critical care nursing that are both workable and important. For these students, here I have compiled a list of hot critical care nursing dissertation topics which will surely impress their supervisor, yet they can conduct them easily. Sometimes, searching a nursing topic isn't enough for a student and they seek further help with dissertation proposal writing.

List of Nursing Dissertation Topics in Critical Care

Prevalence of Work Stress and Burnout among Nursing House Officers in XYZ (any city or region)

The Role of Critical Care Nurses in Palliative Care: A survey of hospital administrators

Nursing Interventions to Prevent Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in Critically Ill Patients: A Meta-Analysis

Relationship between actual and perceived risk assessment by ICU nurses and use of catheters

Managing wound of open abdomen: A critical overview of nurses’ knowledge and practice of patient management strategies

Empirical Assessment of Adequacy of Nutritional Care to Critically Ill Children in ICU

Collecting First-Hand Data on ICU Patients: Recommendations by Experienced Nursing Researchers

Correlation between duration of blood storage period and patient outcome after transfusion

Risk and Protective factors of Pressure Injuries among ICU patients: A Systematic Literature Review

The Difference between Planned and Unplanned Endotracheal Suctioning among Infants after Surgical Palliation

Challenges of Recruiting Study Participants in Critical Care Research: A Qualitative Research On Experience Of Student Researchers

Interacting with Critically Ill Patients’ Family: Lived Experience of ICU Nurses

Motivators of Specializing in Critical Care Nursing: A Survey of Undergraduate Nursing Students

Complications associated with inappropriate inserting of short peripheral catheters

A Critical Review of Transfusion of Stored Blood among Intensive Care Patients: How to Avoid Complications

Providing critical care in rural areas: An insight on ICU nurses’ experience

Does Gender Matter Even in ICU?: An Observational Research on Patient Care Quality of Female versus Male Patients

Psychological support to ICU Patients: The impact of communication style of nurses on patient’s stress control

Incidence of Miscommunication between Physician and Nurses in Intensive Care Unit: Consequences and Preventive Strategies

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I hope one of these critical care nursing research topics is for you. What if you want to modify one of these topics? Go for it. The list is just to give you an idea of how vast the field is. These are actually 19 easy paths to conduct your critical care nursing research. You are free to walk on the path the way you want.

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