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This blog lists 11 business dissertation topics from a variety of research areas, including ethics, strategy, international business, and e-business. These are ready-to-use topic ideas but we recommend you customise them a little to fit your needs better. Let us know your views in the comments section in the end.

Business studies makes a highly concentrated field of study, both in terms of the number of students taking it up and the course material being taught. On the up side, it gives students a variety of research areas to pursue when they are expected to come up with interesting business dissertation topics.

This blog post will help you in picking out your title from a number of research areas in business studies. Whether you want to study a strategy related research problem, pick one of many business management dissertation topics, pursue business ethics dissertation topics, or focus on international business dissertation ideas, this list can help you get on the right track.

Business Dissertation Topics of Different Fields:

This post on business topics is a mixture of topics from different fields of business. By keeping the need for topics in a particular field of business, we have drafted posts on each field separately. Following is the list of posts on different fields of business to find the research topics in the specific business field.

List of Business Dissertation Topics:

The list given below contains finished titles. How it works is you are supposed to pick the titles you find interesting and then study them in literature. Once you’ve determined which one you want to use, tweak it to make it seem like a custom made topic idea you came up with. For example, change the name of the firm studied, or the region, or the method (if one’s included in the topic).These are all ways to customise a topic idea.

And here’s your list:

Human resource management as the need of the current business hour?

How does entrepreneur's personality impact business decision making? A primary investigation.

Studying factors of business continuity in low income areas in the UK.

A study of business administration in the luxury hotel industry- facilitators and barriers.

What are the components of good business administration in higher education in the UK?

An evaluation of business prospects in countries that implemented smart lockdown as compared to total lockdown during Covid 19.

Generating an understanding for the impacts of the digital age on predictions for business behaviours.

Is business ethics morally obligatory?

What are the key success factors in business diversification?

How does religious orientation impact business dealings? A study of the XXX area of UK.

How has lockdown during Covid 19 impacted small and medium sized businesses?

Business management during the Covid 19 crisis? or zero management?

Is business diversification a forte of family businesses? An analysis.

How has the introduction of cryptocurrency impacted business ethics?

How is the religion of entrepreneurs related to their sense of business ethics?

How is marketing between firms achieved in developing countries? A literature review.

An examination of human resource movements in a multi-business firm.

Small businesses and use of information technologies- comparative evaluation of firms in developed and developing countries.

Business ethics in a globalized world- an investigation of current trends and practices.

Has globalization changed business tactics?

The importance of corporate culture on gender equality- considering the case of small and medium firms.

What are the characteristics of business health? An exploratory analysis.

Is there a link between business innovation and gender creativity?

An examination of the characteristics specific to business journalism.

An exploration of the importance of knowledge transfer between members in a family business.

Can anyone do a business? An exploration of specific elements that make it possible for every individual.

How has focus on environmental performance impacted the small business' supply chain?

How is the lifecycle of small and medium businesses impacted by innovation in their sector? The case of digital technology.

Does crowdfunding help? An analysis of UK-based microenterprises.

How does culture impact business language? A comparative analysis of diverse cultures from developing and developed countries.

Has digitalization facilitated B2B marketing? An integrative analysis.

Is cloud computing adaptable according to business needs?

Measuring performance of global units in multinational firms: A case of Barclay’s.

Corporation-state relationships and business strategy’s role in industrial growth.

How vendors can be managed for regional business growth: A case of C&A.

Entrepreneurship as a successful business strategy: Studying British digital services firms.

Towards a new definition of logistics as strategy’s driving force: Studying English shipping companies.

Managing multiple foreign collaborators in projects: A study of the European aero-engine sector.

Importance of risk reporting: An analysis of the British telecom sector.

Takeovers and mergers in the virtual business world: A case study of Facebook and Whatsapp.

Irresponsible borrowing and lending in British consumer banks and its role in the recession of 2008.

Managing cultural differences in the firm: A strategy for creating multicultural managers.

Choosing to keep an in-house CSR team over periodic external consultation: Studying the retail supermarket sector in the UK.

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