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This blog post presents a grand list of 21 customised and specialised child health nursing dissertation topics for nursing students in their final year. There’s a great variety of subject areas in the list and you’ll find at least one title here that interests you as a nursing researcher.

Child health nursing, or paediatric nursing, is a subject of great interest for continued research. The field is vast and still requires much headway in the knowledge we have. This is another reason why I get so many requests from nursing students asking for child health nursing dissertation topics all the time, and this is why I’ve made this significantly long list of a variety of nursing dissertation topics in child health.

So, let’s get right to it.

List of Dissertation Topics in Child Health Nursing:

Effect of parents’ divorce on children: Challenges for child health nursing resources in the UK.

Aggravation of pre-existing medical conditions in children by parents’ divorce: The nurse’s job.

Congenital ailments in children and parents’ caregiving capacity: Parental child nursing in Britain.

To lose a young patient: Effect of patients’ death on child nursing staff in English hospitals.

Standards employed by NHS for paediatric nursing staff training.

Child health nursing and nursing staff burnout during patient care in London: A quantitative analysis.

Patient associated emotional challenges versus ambition: Terminally ill children and their nurses.

Child health nursing education: A comparison between the UK and the USA.

Paediatric Nursing in British history: A literature review.

Child nursing education and training: Analysis of Britain’s goals for this century.

Drawing comparisons in child nursing standards between developed and developing countries.

In-house child health nursing facilities in private schools in London.

Problems faced by child health nursing staff with obesity afflicted patients in the UK.

Communication issues in paediatric wards in British hospitals and their effect on service quality.

Paediatric nursing service quality and effect of cost control measures in English neonatal wards.

Neonatal nursing staffing practices in the UK and the US.

Underprivileged communities in the UK and child health nursing facilities available to them.

Breathing disorders in neonatal patients and challenges for nurses in modernised urban hospitals in the UK.

The readiness of child health nursing staff to deal with rare diseases in private hospitals in London.

Prevalence of misdiagnosis in paediatric wards in the UK and nursing challenges.

Availability of nursing resources for adequate child care in British hospitals: A critical analysis.

A systematic review of the range of nursing services for maternal and child health in the UK.

Phenomenological research on student nurses placement expectations and practical placement for child health nursing in the UK.

What are the key differences that child health nurses transitioning from student to professional life experience in the UK? A grounded theory research.

How important are child health nurses in breastfeeding intervention promotion campaigns- an explorative analysis of current practices and strategies in the UK.

How important is the emotional and mental health of children under 5- a systematic literature review.

Nurses’ guidance and advice on food issues for first-time mothers in the UK- is there a need and how is this need addressed?

Teething issues of children under 10 and nurses’ role in guidance to parents and children- an extended literature review.

How do nurses manage incidents of child abuse in the UK? A grounded theory research.

Are nurses in the UK adequately trained and experienced to spot sexual abuse of children under 14? A grounded theory research.

An exploration of the major differences in child health nursing as compared to other nursing specialists in the UK.

How does leadership style of child health nursing teams impact the nurses’ management of parents? A qualitative exploration.

Are child health nurses adequately trained to provide support to children under 10 who have witnessed maternal domestic abuse in the UK? A primary investigation.

How does academic nursing education prepare nurses to manage IPV of clients during home visits in the UK.

Are mothers from different cultural backgrounds stressed about child weight issues? An exploratory study.

Does the UK have an adequate child health nursing workforce? A scoping study.

The determinants of child health nursing workloads in the UK and valid measurement instruments- a systematic literature review.

And that’s what I call a good list of dissertation topics. Make sure to customise the title you like so that it looks your own when you actually present it to your supervisor and you don’t have to worry about somebody else coming up with the same research question.

There you go. Use the list well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our topics related blog posts for the future or looking to get help with dissertation writing, send us an email at

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