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The blog lists 10 sophisticated HR dissertation topics for undergraduate students. Before the list is presented, the author talks about how undergrads should go about preparing their dissertation title. The author also tells the reader how to customise the titles they like to make their work unique and interesting.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Human Resource Management dissertation topics, designed to assist students at the undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral level in crafting their thesis. Embarking on a dissertation journey is an exhilarating venture, where one delves deep into the realms of Human Resource Management, exploring diverse dissertation topics that encompass strategic HRM, personnel management, and organizational behavior. In this curated resource, we present a plethora of stimulating topics to fuel your academic pursuits, offering a wellspring of ideas for your Human Resource Management dissertation. Whether you’re aiming to formulate a captivating research question or seeking inspiration for your thesis, we’ve got you covered with a rich array of engaging and thought-provoking topics to propel your dissertation endeavors.

List of Dissertation Topics in Human Resource Management

The list of project topics for human resource management can be used to carry out further research in the field. Whether you are an undergrad student, pursuing your MBA degree or looking to get a PhD done in HRM, these current research topics in human resource management are based on the evolution and transformation in the field.

A literature review on the role of HR in organizational change and change management.

Studying the importance of individualization in performance management and its implications for the employees’ work-life balance- a UK based investigation.

Exploring the impact of artificial intelligence on HRM practices and job roles.

Assessing the impact of emotional intelligence on leadership effectiveness in HRM.

How do merger and acquisition decisions influence HR practices in large organisations in the UK?

The role of leadership style in employee motivation and job satisfaction within UK SMEs.

Effect of subordinate and peer performance reviews on performance standards: a study of NHS.

Evaluating the effectiveness of online training and development programs in the post-pandemic workplace.

Analysis of factors affecting job stress and its influence on job satisfaction and salesman performance (case study at xyz company).

A comprehensive review of ethical considerations in HR decision-making and practices.

Can poor selection processes be remedied through training and development? A case study of XYZ organization.

HR crisis management in the aftermath of a pandemic: A case study of COVID-19.

The increasing use of data and analytics tools by HR management for strategic management roles- a literature review.

Does training affect growth during recessions? An analysis of British banks in the recent recession.

The influence of cultural diversity on HR policies and practices in UK-based international organizations.

A systematic review of the challenges and opportunities of HRM in the gig economy.

Evaluating the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion initiatives in UK organizations.

A critical review of the impact of globalization on HRM and organizational strategies.

Difficulties in inducting new hires into organizational culture: an overview of workforce induction in Zara.

What is the “employee experience” and how is HR capitalizing on this trend in the UK?

Analysis of the influence of human relations (relationship between humans) and work environment conditions against work ethics and employee performance.

A review of the relationship between HRM and organizational culture in fostering innovation.

What evidence does current literature provide on people analytics in human resources?

Evaluating the 3T Leadership Competency Model in the context of HRM- a review.

How is human resource management designing monetary and non-monetary rewards for employee engagement and motivation?

Examining the role of HR in managing workplace conflicts in UK manufacturing companies.

How does adoption of an agile workforce model provide a competitive edge to different sectors in the UK? Grounded theory research.

Adapting HRM strategies post-COVID-19: Lessons learned and best practices for resilience.

Evaluating the impact of gender pay gap reporting on gender equality initiatives in UK organizations.

HRD achieving professional recognition as a separate entity from hr within the mining environment.

An analysis of HR strategies for talent acquisition and retention in the UK healthcare sector.

How are changes in the concept of overtime and its application influencing the productivity and performance of human resources in developed countries?

Exploring the intersection of human resource management and financial management in organizational sustainability planning.

The role of HR in implementing health and safety measures in the workplace post-COVID-19.

The possibility of hr leading organizational strategy: trends from new tech companies.

The emergence of the concept of cloud computing in the field of HR management- how is it being utilized in British multinationals?

Investigating the relationship between job satisfaction and employee turnover in high-tech industries.

A literature review on the importance of man-machine collaboration and implications for employees’ emotional and professional health.

Analyzing the role of HR in managing expatriate assignments and global talent mobility.

Assessing the effectiveness of UK apprenticeship programs in talent development and retention.

An examination of the appraisal technique HR managers use for upgrading the employees or the redundancies of an employee and Appraisal conducted for the manager. A case study of a XYZ organization.

The role of HR managers in employee participation in workshops, training, and seminars- the case of the UK.

A comprehensive review of talent management practices in global organizations.

How employee performance and development in the banking sector can be enhanced through mentoring in xyz city/ country.

A systematic review of flexible work arrangements and their impact on work-life balance.

Have performance review structures developed over time in the UK? A survey of HR professionals in the UK.

An analysis of inter-generational perspectives on employment opportunities in the UK and its impact on the demographics of the service and manufacturing sectors.

Examining the emergence of HR innovations labs and its importance in innovative organizations through contextual literature.

Is there a ‘human side’ to mergers in business? A literature review.

A comparative analysis of the human resource management ethics and employment in Nigeria and the united kingdom.

Is the use of artificial intelligence to manage employee relations and contracts ethical in the UK? A survey.

Is the concept of fixed jobs fading? An online international survey.

Line manager capabilities – the impact of HRM devolution.

Studying taylor’s model with modern hr theory: proposing a theoretical framework.

Building organizational resilience through HR agility in a post-COVID-19 world.

Examining the relationship between employee engagement and productivity in the UK service sector.

A review of the effectiveness of HR analytics in predicting employee performance and behavior.

Redesigning HR policies and practices to ensure business continuity in a post-pandemic environment.

A comparative study of HR practices in UK public and private sector organizations.

Investigating the role of HR in promoting sustainable business practices among UK firms.

A comparative review of the employee contract law between developed and developing countries.

The roles of HRM in recruitment and selection of staff in mergers and acquisitions in the xyz banking sector.

The role of Brexit in reshaping HR strategies in UK-based multinational corporations.

Optimizing human resource management practices for effective workforce development in construction management projects.

Significance of training in a culturally diverse organization: the case of HSBC UK.

The effect of material benefits on job satisfaction (a study of employees of XYZ company).

The evolution of HR technology adoption in the UK and its influence on organizational performance.

A comprehensive review of diversity and inclusion practices in multinational corporations.

What type of technological applications can provide a competitive edge to human resource management in the UK retail sector?

Does the integrated workforce management system have an advantage to offer micro small and medium businesses in the UK?

A phenomenological study on the importance of psychological contracts in managing employee relations in the UK.

Recruitment and selection services: efficiency and competitive reasons in the outsourcing of HR practices.

A critical review of the challenges and opportunities of managing a multigenerational workforce.

How can employee engagement be prioritized to drive performance in the manufacturing sector in the UK?

An exploration of the current practices in employee performance management in the UK- what has changed in the past few decades?

Hybrid work models and their implications for HRM post-COVID-19.

The importance of streamlining HR operations with AI to improve essential people training in the services sector in the UK- how popular is the practice currently?

Investigating the impact of UK employment law reforms on HR practices.

Investigating the implementation and impact of flexible working arrangements in UK workplaces.

HRM versus unions: effects in the British automobile sector.

The importance of cloud-based apps and SaaS approaches in the field of HR management- a review.

A systematic review of employee engagement theories and their applicability in diverse organizational contexts.

A critical review of performance appraisal systems and their impact on employee performance and satisfaction.

A comparative review of HR practices in family-owned and non-family-owned businesses.

Performance consulting, Human Resource Management, employee relations and the organization- who actually benefits? An investigation across sectors in the UK.

A comparative review of HR outsourcing vs. in-house HR functions in organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

A comparison of laws related to employee management in the United States and the United Kingdom.

A critical review of leadership styles and their influence on employee motivation and performance.

Development of human resources through education and training in improving the performance of civil servants.

The role of HR technology in enabling remote work and collaboration post-COVID-19.

Examining the effectiveness of employee wellness programs in enhancing productivity and job satisfaction.

The impact of remote work on organizational culture and employee engagement post-COVID-19.

Redefining talent management strategies in the post-pandemic era: A focus on employee well-being.

Influence of leadership style, motivation, and work discipline on employee performance at xyz company.

Analyzing the effect of remote work on employee well-being in UK organizations.

The problem of employee motivation in a social life driven by high peer pressure.

Differentiating between psychological and social contracts in HRM- an online survey of inter-generational employees in Europe.

You may change the organisations in the title you pick. Go after a name you can gain access to; you’ll be needing data for your primary findings. It’s okay to change big brand names to smaller firms where you have access.

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