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Waste management dissertation topics generally focus on the generation and efficient management of waste in society. Hence, project topics on waste management generally include both commercial and residential waste management and disposal. This page is aimed at introducing you to a diverse range of waste management topics to give you viable options and help you […]

Waste management dissertation topics generally focus on the generation and efficient management of waste in the society. Hence, waste management research topics generally include both commercial and residential waste management and disposal. This page is aimed at introducing you to a diverse range of research topics on waste management to give you viable options and help you get started on your attempt at composing a strong paper.

List of waste management dissertation topics:

The following suggested list of solid waste management topics will help you think about what to write on either you are writing a research proposal or the final thesis.

A systematic review of waste management models employed in the UK manufacturing sector.

Sustainable waste management techniques employed by fast-food restaurants in the UK.

Rapid urbanization in emerging economies and implications for waste management techniques- a review of Asia/ Africa.

The impact of solid waste management on greenhouse gases- literature review.

A debate on the financial impacts of sustainable waste management practices in the UK.

Solid waste management across the globe- trends and challenges.

A comparative review of solid waste management policies and implementation in developed and emerging economies.

A study on the legal implications of radioactive waste management as advocated through the European Nuclear Law.

A critical discourse on the debate of waste management versus waste minimization.

A survey of the major sources of waste across the globe and policies for regulation.

An investigation on the UK standards for industrial wastewater management- implications for best practices.

Waste management at food processing units in the UK- a survey.

An analysis of the UK pulp and paper industry waste disposal techniques.

The effect of industrial waste metals on land fertility and agricultural produce- implications from the UK.

The global challenges of soil remediation- a systematic review.

The impact of oil spills in coastal waters- a systematic review of the long term implications for human life along the coast.

Cleaning oiled seabirds- conservation or humanitarian?

The health and environmental hazards of e-waste- an analysis.

The process lifecycle of plastic waste management- implications for human health.

Sustainable waste management practices in Asia- an overview based on academic literature.

Why do people waste food? A UK-based qualitative survey.

Hospital waste management- practices and challenges in emerging economies.

Can we produce sustainable usable building materials from waste? A feasibility review based on academic literature.

The financial perspective of waste management systems in developing countries- a systematic review.

The concept of waste diversion in developing economies- has it caught on yet? Perspectives from Nigeria.

Waste accumulation during geo-disasters and strategies for management- evidence from the literature.

Can biodegradable plastic be the solution waste accumulation issues across the globe? A literature-based analysis.

The key determinants of food waste management in the UK- an exploration of consumer attitudes towards solutions to food waste management.

Pre-consumer or post-consumer textile waste- which is more destructive and what can be done to manage it? The UK based qualitative study.

Classification challenges for household waste and implications for effective management- review of literature.

How ready are local residents to use proper waste disposal bins according to classification? A UK based survey.

An exploration of waste diversion practices for management of food and water waste in the UK- studying the literature.

Nuclear waste management in the UK through the use of different creative and conventional strategies- a review.

An exploration of the concept of waste in education- what does literature guide?

A study on the impact of gender attitudes and perceptions towards waste management in the UK- a qualitative study.

Nurses attitudes towards medical waste disposal in the UK- a primary investigation.

The use of wastelands for agricultural production in the UK- a study on scope and challenges.

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