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If you are a student searching for captivating dissertation topics in operations management, you have landed in the perfect spot. With our extensive collection of research ideas, you will find the inspiration you need to embark on your dissertation journey. Operations management is the management of company operations through a standardized set of business practices. […]

If you are a student searching for captivating dissertation topics in operations management, you have landed in the perfect spot. With our extensive collection of research ideas, you will find the inspiration you need to embark on your dissertation journey.

Operations management is the management of company operations through a standardized set of business practices. It is a vital field that focuses on the effective planning, coordination, and control of business processes to optimize efficiency and productivity.  Operations management dissertation topics relate to various aspects of the operations management process, ranging from the initial strategy to final implementation and outcomes of those strategies.

The following is a list of dissertation topics in operations management, useful for an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree levels and particularly for the MBA level, compiled to allow the reader to gain creative ideas for conducting his research. Our diverse range of topics in operations management for your dissertation will cater to your academic level and research interests.

List of Operations management dissertation topics

The role of data analytics in improving operational decision-making: A literature review.

Evaluating the efficiency of different production planning and control methods: A comparative analysis of make-to-order and make-to-stock systems.

Lean Six Sigma in healthcare: A review of its implementation and outcomes.

Analyzing the adoption and impact of Industry 4.0 technologies in manufacturing companies: A comparative study across different countries.

The role of quality management systems in improving product reliability: An empirical analysis in the electronics sector.

Comparing different approaches to quality management in service industries: A case study of healthcare and hospitality sectors.

Managing supply chain disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic: A case study of a retail company.

Enhancing supply chain visibility and traceability: A case study of a global logistics company.

A systematic review of current mediation models in operations management literature.

The adoption of remote work and virtual collaboration tools in managing operations post-COVID.

Investigating the impact of capacity planning strategies on production efficiency: An empirical analysis in the manufacturing sector.

An analysis of the tools and models used in operations management and their contribution to management quality.

An exploration of the advantages that Big Data and complex data algorithms can provide to revolutionize operations management.

The contextual relevance of supplier integration in operations management- evidence from the construction industry.

Managing supply chain disruptions and building resilience in the face of future pandemics or crises.

A systematic review of supply chain risk management strategies and their effectiveness.

The impact of Industry 4.0 technologies on operations management: A literature review.

An empirical study testing practical applicability of theoretical concepts of operations management in selected US manufacturing companies.

The scope and context of operations management in the tourism and travel industry- evidence from the top ten global travel destinations worldwide.

Operations management in times of crisis- a review of possibilities based on current literature.

Agile project management in operations: A literature review of its principles and applications.

Exploring the role of operations strategy in achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

How does management decide whether to manufacture in house or outsource? Lessons from the textile industry.

Assessing the influence of technology adoption on supply chain agility: An empirical study in the automotive industry.

The impact of COVID-19 on lean management practices and the need for adaptive lean strategies.

Implementing agile project management in software development: A case study of an IT company.

Improving service quality in the hospitality industry: A case study of a hotel chain.

A comparative analysis of operations management for products and services.

Comparing the implementation of sustainable procurement practices in public and private organizations: A case study approach.

Evaluation of the supply chain function of operations management in the UK service sector.

A review of the scope of operations management in the finance sector of UK’s healthcare systems.

Exploring the application of Six Sigma methodology in healthcare operations: A case study analysis.

Employee management and its impact on successful operations management- the case of the Toyota company.

Analyzing the effectiveness of different pricing strategies in revenue management: A comparative analysis in the airline industry.

Examining the effects of inventory management techniques on customer satisfaction: An empirical study in the e-commerce industry.

The implications of remote operations and digitalization on workforce management in the post-COVID world.

Managing product recalls in the pharmaceutical industry: A case study of a drug manufacturing company.

Comparing the sustainability practices of global supply chain networks: A case study of multinational companies in different industries.

The role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in optimizing operational decision-making post-pandemic.

Can operations management strategies effectively cater to Home Care Organization requirements? A global perspective.

Reshoring vs. offshoring: Evaluating the shift in global manufacturing strategies in the aftermath of COVID-19.

The impact of digital transformation on operations management: A systematic review.

Assessing the relationship between process flexibility and new product development performance: An empirical study in the pharmaceutical industry.

Implementing total productive maintenance in a manufacturing facility: A case study analysis.

The adoption and implementation of total quality management: A literature review.

The impact of changing consumer behaviors and preferences on operations management strategies.

A systematic review of the practical efficacy of Resource Based Theory in strategic operations management.

The role of sustainable operations in enhancing brand reputation: A case study of a food and beverage company.

The impact of supply chain disruptions on operational resilience in the post-COVID era.

The integration of sustainability in operations management: A literature review.

Humanitarian operations management- review of current literature.

The role of company employee base in effective strategy implementation- lessons from the US healthcare sector.

Analyzing the effects of outsourcing on operational performance: An empirical study in the IT services sector.

The relevance of economic policy structures on strategic operations management- review from literature.

Exploring innovative approaches to inventory management and demand forecasting in the post-COVID era.

A review on the identification of risk and management of disaster through operations management literature.

Sustainable sourcing and procurement strategies in the post-COVID era: Lessons learned and future directions.

A review of lean supply chain management practices and their impact on customer satisfaction.

Analyzing the impact of automation on workforce dynamics: A case study of a manufacturing plant.

A review of the most prevalent research methods employed in operations management research.

Investigating the impact of sustainable sourcing practices on operational costs: An empirical analysis in the food and beverage sector.

A review of operations management practices in the service industry.

The implementation of lean management principles in a manufacturing company: A case study analysis.

Sustainable operations management: A review of environmental and social responsibility practices.

The application of operations research techniques in optimizing operations: A literature review.

Investigating the relationship between employee empowerment and operational efficiency: An empirical analysis in the service sector.

An analysis of provisional strategies for management of quality failure in oil and gas operations management.

Analyzing the impact of technology adoption on operational efficiency: A case study of an e-commerce company.

The role of operations management in achieving sustainability goals: A case study of a renewable energy company.

Optimizing production scheduling in a make-to-order manufacturing company: A case study approach.

Financial management of sports facilities worldwide- an empirical overview.

Optimizing warehouse layout and inventory management: A case study of a logistics company.

The role of collaborative partnerships in building resilient and sustainable supply chains post-pandemic.

A comparative analysis of the different forecasting methodologies used in product operations management.

The influence of social distancing measures on facility layout and operations in service industries.

A review of quality management practices and their influence on organizational performance.

Assessing the effectiveness of risk management practices in ensuring business continuity post-pandemic.

Operations management in the era of globalization: A systematic review of the literature.

The science of supply chains and procurement functions in management of construction operations.

The role of digital transformation in enhancing operational agility during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

How can value be maximized for patients in the UK health care sector?.

The impact of lean manufacturing practices on operational performance: An empirical analysis of manufacturing firms.

A review of inventory management techniques and their impact on supply chain performance.

The impact of operations management quality on provision of bank loans- a critical analysis.

Managing operational risks in the banking sector: A case study of a commercial bank.

The relationship between performance management and company objectives- review of the HR Division of UK audit firms.

Enhancing productivity through employee empowerment: A case study of a service-based organization.

A comparative analysis of inventory management techniques: Assessing the benefits of traditional methods versus advanced data-driven approaches.

Sustainable operations management practices in the post-COVID world: Challenges and opportunities.

The role of data analytics in forecasting and managing operational risks in a volatile business environment.

Enhancing operational flexibility and agility to cope with sudden changes and disruptions post-COVID.

Analyzing the adoption of green operations practices in the fashion industry: A case study approach.

Adopting circular economy principles in operations management to promote sustainability and resilience.

Strategies for managing demand volatility and uncertainty in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A systematic review of lean management principles and their application in various industries.

A comparative analysis of risk management strategies in the construction and energy sectors: Assessing their impact on project success.

The evolution of supply chain management practices: A comprehensive literature review.

Improving quality control processes in the automotive industry: A case study of a car manufacturing plant.

Implementing just-in-time (JIT) production in a food processing industry: A case study analysis.

A comparative study of supply chain resilience in the automotive and electronics industries: Assessing their response to disruptions.

A comparative analysis of lean and agile manufacturing strategies: Evaluating their effectiveness in improving operational performance.

Where do companies tradeoff between originality and standardization? Answers from the UK IT sector.

Analyzing the effects of supply chain integration on firm performance: An empirical study in the retail industry.

The use of blockchain technology in enhancing supply chain transparency and traceability post-COVID.

The use of simulation modeling in optimizing production and service systems: A review.

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