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When Adam wrote his post on mental health nursing earlier, we had a short discussion and I ended up promising my two cents. Et voila! I give to you 12 of the most exclusive and interesting psychiatric nursing dissertation topics that you won’t find on the Web.

When Adam wrote his post on mental health nursing dissertation topics earlier this month, we had a short discussion about it and I ended up promising my two cents. I went to work preparing for this post, for obviously I had to make something even better than Adam for you. Et voila! I give to you most exclusive and interesting psychiatric nursing dissertation topics that you won’t find on the Web.

Peer competitiveness aside, psychiatric nursing research is an extremely serious subject and students learning to be in the field get to know how true my words are. All of the topics I’ve compiled for you in this list are precise and dictate a significant issue in mental health nursing.

So, now let’s take you to the list right away.

List of Psychiatric Nursing Dissertation Ideas:

Mental health nursing challenges with female victims of sexual abuse: Studying victims of age 16-30 in the UK.

Psychiatric care needed for university athletes with eating disorders: A case of sprint racing in London.

Surviving survival: Psychiatric nursing and survivor’s guilt in car accidents in Britain.

The depressed youth of England: Analysing mental health nursing needs of school-going teenagers.

Failed to die: Failed suicides in Britain and demands for psychiatric nursing professionals.

Mental health nursing training standards in the UK: A literature review.

Coping with a dying young family member: Care needed for the family.

Mental health issues with breast cancer patients in Asian countries: Should their nursing staff be the only female?

Depressed in illness: Psychiatric nursing woes and patients getting disturbed by serious illness.

The voices they hear: Documenting duties of psychiatric nurses looking after schizophrenic patients – Practices from the UK.

An investigate the analysis of the effect of the Virtual Community of Practice (VCoP) on the career paths of psychiatric nurses.

How critical is mentoring in psychiatric nursing? An overview.

A study of the impact of psychiatric nursing curriculum on nurses' engagement with people with mental health issues.

An exploratory study on community-level support systems and availability of psychiatric nurses for informal caregivers of terminally ill patients in the UK.

A qualitative study on psychiatric nurses' coping strategies- evidence from the UK.

A review of best practices in evidence-based practice within the context of psychiatric nursing.

The impact of nurses' culture in their interaction with patients in the psychiatric unit- evidence from developing countries.

The prevalence and incidence of depression and fatigue in psychiatric nurses- a European perspective.

A review of the personal qualities and skills of psychiatric nurses.

An explorative analysis of psychiatric nurses' experiences in the children's wards.

A qualitative assessment of the physical and emotional well-being of psychiatric nurses working in the UK.

A patient-based qualitative evaluation for the management of issues related to patient dignity and care in the UK.

The efficacy of using simulations in psychiatric care education in the UK- evidence from the literature.

Job satisfaction between experienced psychiatric nurses and those with newly acquired education and speciality skills- a review of literature.

Stress-coping strategies and support for informal caregivers of people with dementia in the UK- a qualitative study.

Psychiatric nurses’ strategies for self-analysis, self-care and resilience in cardiac inpatient department in the UK- a primary investigation.

Are specific food diets related to nurses’ resiliency attitudes- a review of literature for psychiatric nurses.

An exploratory investigation for the identification of ‘spiritual distress’ among terminally ill patients through a formal diagnosis- how common is this?

Post-acute psychiatric support in the UK- synthesis of the literature.

How has psychiatric care contributed to hospital readmission rates in the UK? A review of the literature.

A literature review to analyse how people with dementia impact psychiatric services.

How important is communication in the care process? a phenomenological study investigating psychiatric nurses in the UK.

An analysis of the psychiatric nurses’ role in the palliative care team in the UK-a grounded theory research.

An analysis of the impact of documentation on the service outcomes of psychiatric nurses in the UK- an extended literature review.

A grounded theory study of patients perspectives on the quality of psychiatric care and room for improvement in the UK.

What are the key checkpoints for psychiatric nurses in the ICU? A review of the literature.

The differences between theory and practice of goal communication by psychiatric nurses in the UK- a primary investigation.

Take that, Adam.

As always, for any of the titles that you picked out of the list, make sure to tweak them a little. By that I mean you should alter the words just enough to make it look new, and also make methodological changes so the topic you propose to your supervisor looks yours and doesn’t match any other student’s working around the same idea.

There you go. Use the list well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our topics related blog posts for the future or looking to get help with dissertation writing, send us an email at

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