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We return to you with another list of dissertation titles. This one has 10 fresh mental health nursing dissertation topics – great ideas to inspire nursing students in 2017. If you’re working on mental health care, this is the best list you’ll find anywhere. Or ask us for a custom title for yourself.

Here we go again. Another list of dissertation topics. This time it’s mental health dissertation topics. The last time, it was a list of master level nursing research titles.

After delving into mental health nursing literature for hours upon hours, I’ve created this list for students of all levels in higher education but most of these working titles will suit undergrad and master level courses better.

I’ve included a number of research subjects in this list. So you’ll hopefully find whatever you’re looking for.

Go through the list, pick the title you like, and tweak it to fit your needs before you take it to your supervisor.

So, here’s your list of ideas for nursing dissertation topics in mental health.

Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics List

Mental health nursing care needed for affected women after a miscarriage

Challenges for mental health nurses in communities with below par healthcare in the UK

Digital devices and consumers staring at them: Mental health issues and nursing demands

Too good to quit: Pregnancy weight gain and mental health effects on thin women

War affected families and mental health training for nurses in such British communities

Suicidal tendencies in returning British soldiers and care strategies used by their nurses

Suicide related mental health issues and nursing challenges: Studying teenagers in Britain

Coping with suicide of one’s partner: Challenges for the British nursing professionals

Care for grieving friends of soldiers killed in action: War on Terror and Britain

Double trouble: Care for people with dual mental ailments and nursing challenges

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Share your thoughts in the comments section below. I’d love to answer any questions you might have.

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